Hercules Lyrics by Young Thug

Young Thug Lyrics

Hercules Lyrics
Young Metro, Young Metro, Young Metro
Young Metro, Young Metro, Young Metro
And what?
Metro Booming want some more, nigga

Shoot him in his back like Ricky but not Slick
Spent like 7 bands on a tri-colored pit
All my signs red like a stop, nigga no pit
Blow the purple, nigga, high like f*cking martians, woah
In a foreign, yesterday I was just walking, woah
Left my baby mama, now my bitch a Barbie, woah
All red dickies suit, I'm riding down Slauson, woah

[Verse 1:]
I smoke gas, that's that Hercules, strong marijuana
She looked at him, oh now she watching me
Bitch I'm speeding to that guapanese
I was stacking money up, no, I can't forget the T
Drop the top, shoot birds at the officers
F*ck them boys, they costing us, they stalking us
They know they old lady not running, they'll fall for us
We so tired of taking loses, ain't no more chalking up
I swear, I promise
YSL on ape and they donkeys
These niggas pointless
They want me
I'm still a stoner, mac and cheese on me
These niggas clone me, I'm full, but I'm still hungry
Hey when the click clock, I'll make your bitch stop
Ice Inside my tick tock, cookies, no
I just bought a Cuban link, flooded with big rocks
Bitches trying to juug at me? Well, I gotta get us up, woah shit


[Verse 2:]
Okay first of all, I was doing this shit fore I was rich
I don't care at all, I'll go do a dolphin for my clique
F*ck your conference call, pull up with a check and get my seed
Double D, you dig? No firework, it was lit
If there's a f*ck nigga was hating on me
They took ya life and I know some f*ck niggas waiting on it
I grab that TEC, I grab that 40 and the F&N
Then we pulled up and hit the spot, yeah we laid it on em
Anaconda, we on that slime stuff, here to remind ya
F*cked your old lady, she wasn't fly enough
YSL, we shining, let her stand behind us
Yeah my crew we rock, rock, baby you can climb us
I call my migo, migo come and let me juug through the city
He stuffed a burrito and he let em fly right to me
Bitches call me Casino cause I let em ride round the city
She want bingo kilo no sweat, now she can ride in a Bentley


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