L A Swag Lyrics by Young Thug

Young Thug Lyrics

L A Swag Lyrics
Skating like a skater
100 thousand on the Lakers
Bought my girlfriend a new crib
And she even like the neighbors
Riding round with her best friend
I know this beef ain't gon never end
100 thousand for the necklace
Now I'm looking like a champion, a champion

[Verse 1:]
When I take off on that molly, she got a perfect lil body
Ride it like a kawasake, buy her brand new Maserati
You know rapping is a hobby, you know capping is a habit
And that ass I got to have, I'm not grabbing, we can share it
Baby girl don't take it personal, but I can never ever ever propose
But them M's I can post those, and I'm smoking indoors outdoors
Give me good head, and I'm folding up the lead
Every time I get finessed, she want to [?]
She want to come to the bed, she see this Versace
[?] I nut every time I see it


[Verse 2:]
I put molly in my food, and I'm leaning like a fool
And I can't wait to be here
Cause your body is a fool, and your booty look like jewels
And I just want to see you
Now if you got some big bootys say (Oh yeah)
And if you got some big titties say (Oh yeah)
And if your pussy stay itchy say (Yeah yeah)
Cause you shave it and crave it, I eat it when you bathe it
I like it when you wear lazy, [?] like you prayed it
With babies, no Deangelo, but girl get naked
When you leave I wish that I could copy it and paste it
Riding round [?] I must've laced it

[Hook x2]

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