Myself Lyrics by Young Thug

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Myself Lyrics
I can't get beside myself
Remain the person that I am, I can't disguise myself
If that lil baby can cook, I might just try myself
I swear to God they rape me, I'll buy myself
No way these aqua babies want my goddamn help
I give my love to you, and my son named Jeff
I flood you with them jewels out the water like Phelps
I wish you never knew nothing bout myself cause you know I got that tool right beside my belt
Bitch, I'm looking at you, I can't hide myself
You know I got them racks stacked up like a shelf
I promise I won't stop until I find myself
I got way to the top, and yes I climbed myself
That f*ck nigga think he cool, I'ma iron him myself
I did a song with Dej Loaf, and I tried her myself
And if she ever say yes I'ma dive in myself (Whishhh)

If I walk in on it I'm stoppin in the back
I just Bought a mink rabbit, not jack, not a rat
I got rings, yes, 6 no pack
Starin at my jewelery end up blind like a bat
Like her pants halfway down I got motherf*ckin crack
Hey, I got motherf*ckin crack
I might ride with my Crips they say motherf*ckin clack
Looking over my shoulder at all these ants like where they at?
(Brupp Brupp) Bleet Bleet I'ma player I got tricks up my motherf*ckin sleeve (Whoa)
Today I am with Jay-Z like Bey
I'll make it storm if one dollar land on me
I'ma boss, I nutted on her forehead! (Boss)
If she ever stop I'ma need some more head (Boss)
I be ridin fast, gettin that slow head
Cut down her woods, I got that mo head!


Dive in, that lil pussy (Yaahh!)
Douche it, all types of tushy (Yaahh!)
I need napkins, pussy wet it need some napkins
Hey that pussy wet like it got Baptised

Ma control that pussy, come here pussy, come here
Make that pussy set up while I f*ck her with her [?]
2016 [?]
F*ck all those cats yeah we doggin in here
That Bentley got brown wood like a Spalding in here
I got a million outfits, you can go shopping in here
And if you hatin 9 times outta 10 you floppin this year
Screaming "Flex" just like Flocka in here
I'ma beast, I'ma beast, I'ma goddamn beast
All these f*ck niggas hatin but don't feast like these
I'ma boss, bitch I'm Sosa on like Chief Keef beats
I got rich, Papi shoulda told you to be like me
I swear I'm bleeding so bad I said be like me
She bought a cat, I bought a Jag I told her be like me!
I got a big bag like I went shopping
I'm not a police, but I got copies! (coppies)
Ya dig!


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