OD Lyrics by Young Thug

Young Thug Lyrics

OD Lyrics
Uhh OD'ing on drugs
Ay bruh bring me a lighter
Somebody, please

I think I'm OD'ing on drugs
Nigga I started a fight inside the club
Never switched on my brew I'm not a duck
I got a foreign car sittin' on some dubs
Baby said she gon' help me out with my problems
I'm still screaming f*ck the crime stoppers
Yes I'll hit you up, go do a dub for my partner
Yaahh, riding in the back just like a strut for my partner
Knuck if you buck for my partner
Yeah I show love for my partner
I'm a f*ck a ho when I leave the club just for my partner
I'm a pull off and take off on my plug that's for my partner
I can live life on a boat like nautical with my partner
That's my motherf*ckin' partner in crime, baby
And you know I'm never stopin' the time lil baby
And you know it's not a doubt in my mind lil baby
And you know I'm doin' it for the slimes baby

[Verse 1:]
Thugga! I'm a big B (east) yeah wildebeest
You can't see me, I'm tired of these streets
I will remain an OG when deceased
R.I.P. Mike Brown, f*ck the Cops
Screamin' R.I.P Bennie shootin' up a block
No clock lil nigga sit back and watch
Me move, All of these chickens lil nigga, no Popeye's
When my palm go to itchin' boy I get missin'
Whippin up fake dope, whip it no kitchen
I swear to God I water whipped it (yaahh)
Dirty Cup for a nigga sippin' (woah)
When I get through with that 4 a nigga trippin', whoa
I changed my shoes to Givenchy's they no trippin' no
I'm a young rich nigga flip up flippin', whoa
S.L.I.M.E. yeah, I wipe your nose
Wipe it, wipe it, wipe it
I get that pussy and I just demolish, -molish, -molish
Divide it, all in they mouth no trident
Baby, but I wipe it! I kiss it and good night it
I make love and I fight it
Precise and yes it's righteous
I'm lockin' em I'm bikin' em I ficus, I got sticks
And I'm never scared, never frightened
Keep em all out your business they just here because of your riches
You keep these 1s flyin no biscuit
This money I'm gettin', it got me


[Verse 2:]
Dolly yeah I'm doin' it for you Slime
Dora I do it for you Slime
Big Duck I do it for you Slime
Jeff I do it for you Slime
Junior I do it for you, Keisha I do it for you, Bennie I do it for you, Emsley I do it for you, Sheen I do it for you, Gregory I do it for you
Kat I do it for you, Unfunk I do it for you, I survive in a zoo
I take of my kids, no matter what else I do
Rocko I do, I do
Yeah [?] God that it's true
My niggas they was some clothes bandits
Now they dealin' with bad bitches and they know they have it
And they sure they have it, bitch we photograph it
I might put mud on my trump and hop out clean and damp it
Free my lil brother Bennie you know a savage
Yeah, but he don't wrestle, no Randy
Pussy clean she don't need panties
I see right thru that bitch like she panoramic
Yeah I treat that beef just like f*ckin' manwich
I'm screamin' 30 f*ck a blue jean bandit
We don't care about no team we just want that cash in
So we stole the truck and smashed it, tragic when I'm


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