Oh Ya Lyrics by Young Thug

Young Thug Lyrics

Oh Ya Lyrics
No more pain though
No more motherf*cking pain bro, no more motherf*cking pain bro

No more pain bro, no more pain suh
They just lame bruh, make your lane sir
I got my money right cause I was sick and tired of it
I'm standing in the rain, I know you feel my pain through my veins
Oh yeah, I'm like oh yeah, oh yeah, I'm like oh yeah
[?] Ooooh yeah, oooh yeah
Ooooh yeah, oooh yeah

If you not from Haiti don't go there
If you not from Bleveland don't go there
Yes I still got boots, what size you wear?
You give me a strain and still get a pair
We don't grab on 'em, we got halves on us, we got math on us
And that jewlery super water, we got baths on us
When I pull from out of school we got staffs on us
We got math on us, You know we up, I ain't talking bout no Folgers
We get 10,000 pounds of midget
The way she walked up on the plug I really thought that baby knowed us
But she just wanna f*ck them digits
She know exactly when to start and when to finish
She know how to get that dick back hard within a minute
I try to play hard, she see right through me just like lenses
She tell Young Thugger to put it up cause she got plenty


I'm gon keep racing to the top of the mountain
These niggas knocking me down [?]
Enjoy your visit, this my decision
You know my brodies right behind me and they with it
I miss [?] he just waiting on my visit
I'm scared to go down there, them folk might just railroad the chick
I know he not a white line, but I had to take him off the street
I miss my brother [?], he can't do nothing but sit and eat
You know I miss him, that shit happen way too fast I wanna kiss him
Every time I talk to him I wish I had a missile
Just sitting back thinking like what'd he be like on them crystals
That nigga a fool with it
He got a big ol' bank roll and a tool with it
You run up on me bruh the wrong way and he gon' use and abuse
But he might got 2, he gon' use, April Fools
Then sit back and watch the ambulance clean up you


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