Patna Dem Lyrics by Young Thug

Young Thug Lyrics

Patna Dem Lyrics

[Hook - Young Thug]
4 or 5 bitches in this motherf*cking caravan (5)
No I, can't get back on the road without f*cking again (and why?)
So I, hit her one more 'gain and let all her friends (ha ha!)
Show out, for my patna dem, my patna dem

Catch your bitch down bad
Like I bought her limbs (oh damn)
She say she need them bands just to start her year (and why)
She don't mind f*cking all, this that bitch career (she pursuing)
And I'mma stay silent, I ain't tellin' nobody

[Verse - PeeWee Longway]
(Hood rich)
Big way Longway coming
Cash out on this keisha
And I'm beatin' yo' bitch down like DMX did Keisha
On Belly
And I'm letting go rounds like Ox
Who want war? Who ready?
Your bitch digging my gangsta
She tell 4 or 5 of her friends
This nigga here he a fool
He a star, you see his diamonds?
Did I mention his gas - stuffed crusting his Swisher - on Two cups, and mud
He a fiend, what's up, need a slut
To suck the molly off me

And 4-5 of your homegirls to fill this van up
(Got molly tennis book[?]) say you want to walk on the beach girl
Go on, take a lick
Go on, suck some dick
Nourish your career
Slutty slut bitch

[Hook - Young Thug]

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