Strange Things Lyrics by Young Thug

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Strange Things Lyrics
She say she won't drink her some lean
Do you know lean make you do strange things
Girl you know I love to do strange things
I love to do strange things
I love to do it

F-R-F-R, for real I love it
Slow down, baby girl slow it down
No weed baby, roll it around
Earn you a brand new coupe today

You can still ask Kumate
Now you flexing just like Lex Luger babe
I'm gone off lean, I really mean it
If this is a dream lets get it
Oh, oh, baby
My diamonds in the booth just shaking
Ain't got no time to starve cause all my homies done take it
And I'm so tired of hearing bout prison, I really hope I make it
Free Oomfoo, free my nigga Haze, know the streets begging for them
This world really gay, could leave young, free TayTay
Lets get it


AK-47 that's a long gun
Hold a hundred grams inside my long johns
Brown Tru's stay with these Air Force ones
Two fifty shots, these not Air Force ones
100 thousand ones off in DOA (Guwop)
I don't know your name but I will bust your brain
I don't know your name, but I'll f*ck your main thang
Hit her from the back, and chain swing
Who are you, what the f*ck it do?
Soo-Crew, suwoop, it ain't nothing blue
I'm chopping my reeses to pieces
I'm f*cking these rich niggas nieces
I put on my Lebron South Beaches
Then hop off in that foreign feature


Baby girl slow it
Baby girl slow it
Baby girl slow it
Baby girl slow it

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