Tell Her Nothing Lyrics by Young Thug

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Tell Her Nothing Lyrics
Baby you a turn on!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Baby you a turn on
Imma put my trust inside of your heart
Baby you a turn on
I knew I was falling in love from the start
Baby you a turn on
I've been slowly waiting
Ain't no hesitating
Girl my heart racing
I can't tell her nothing [8x]

Girl I'm slowly waiting
I'm not hesitating
I can't tell her nothing
I want to have your babies
Oops I meant...
I want you to have my babies
I ain't never telling
Girl I'm winning
Girl you winning
Baby let's get it...Jenny
Pockets on Craig
I'm higher
I'm flyer
They mad, cause I ain't deny you
They gone hate
They gone try you
My pockets on Weight Watch
My heart beat faster than a stopwatch
She want to stop by
She want to pop lock
She want a drop top
She the top notch (Your the top notch!)
I couldn't f*cking leave
She was looking for me like a f*cking cop
She throwing up signs, no stop


Be quiet
I can't tell her nothing
You can't tell her nothing
I blow bands on her
I spent less on her
Buy her yellow diamonds
She's a damn Corona
I'm in a love station
I'm geeked up
She got patients for me
She got to wait for me
Imma be with her until we ain't, ya see?
She got big ol' bookers on her ankle and feet
And she ain't no hooker but she dancing for me
She will suck my partner even though he a thief
Molly tan!
Don't end it
And she like to hold my hand we in Lynx
She want to show out on all these bitches at M's
I know she bad for Young Thugger Thugger black kenny
I go slow, like no screw that go fast like a semi


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