Trigger Finger Lyrics by Young Thug

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Trigger Finger Lyrics
Oh no no, no nooo
I can't take no hoooe
To my mama place, I can't take no ho to my mommy place.. Plus
My trigger finger just itchin' [x4]
My trigger finger just itch, trigger finger just itch
My trigger finger just itch, trigger finger just itch

That 40 on my waistline
I got that 40 on my waistline
So don't play with my cause I don't play with you
Out my respect I'll come lay with you if that's okay with you
Choppers, AK's, Hand Grenades We take that kill shit no payback
But ill kill you and listen close no mistake that
But we don't play basketball, bitch there's no take back
And all my niggas strapped up everyday
No cannon but you know everyday is payday
And if you ever ever ever play its gone be mayday
Take a nigga bird by my goddamn self, I don't really need no foreplay


CRE, cash rules everything around me, cash rules everything around me
Cash rules everything around me, Hold up
Draw it out on this 4 pound, Pussy nigga don't make a sound
Don't make no sounds
Pass baby girl them boots
O, damn she don't take molly, ima take some for you
Then, I just went to see the priest, he say I need new friends
Just like horse food, baby I ain't tryna see the pen
Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom C4 Bro'
I got automatic bars, 5-0 Glow
You get caught up on the road, say you John Doe
All these lessy ass niggas need a little mo'


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