Zedd - True Colors Lyrics

Zedd Lyrics

True Colors Lyrics
(with Ke$ha)

Stars fall at my feet,
Keep me grounded as I reach
Higher than I see.
Is there something there for me?
Pulling back the reins,
Letting go again
I'm not afraid. I'm not.

All my life,
One page at a time
I'll show you my-my true colors
And, no, no, no, I won't apologize
For the fire in my eyes
Let me show you my-my true colors.
It ain't your rainbow

A promise with a lie
Is broken by design
What I thought I knew
Has been swallowed by the truth
It's time to light the flame
Right before it rains
I'm not afraid. I'm not.


Something tells me I know nothing at all
I've escaped my capture
And I have no master
And somehow it's like I've waited...

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