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6Ix9Ine Lyrics

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People are constantly asking about his ethnicity. The rapper is of Mexican descent.

6ix9ine used SoundCloud to gain fame. The video for his song "Gummo" was released in October and it already has more than 14 million YouTube views.
Birth Name: Daniel Hernandez
Also Known As: Tekashi69, Teka$hi69
Name Origin:
6ix9ine explained the meaning of his name in an Instagram post:
"I never lost sense of where I came from. That’s what makes me 69. The true meaning of 69 is just because you’re right doesn’t mean I’m wrong YOU JUST HAVENT SEEN LIFE FROM MY PERSPECTIVE.Turn the 6 upside down it’s 9 but remains the same in a different perspective. Open your mind and heart"
Born: May 18, 1996 (age 28)
From: Brooklyn, New York
Genre(s): Rap
Instrument(s): Voice
Active From: 2017
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