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Alice In Chains Lyrics

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From the Album 1. Grind 2. Brush Away 3. Sludge Factory 4. Heaven Beside You 5. Head Creeps 6. Again 7. Shame In You 8. God Am 9. So Close 10. Nothin Song 11. Frogs 12. Over Now

From the Album 1. Rotten Apple 2. Nutshell 3. I Stay Away 4. No Excuses 6. Dont Follow 7. Swing On This

From the Album 1. Them Bones 2. Dam That River 3. Rain When I Die 4. Down in a Hole 5. Sickman 6. Rooster 7. Junkhead 8. Dirt 9. God Smack 10. Hate To Feel 11. Angry Chair 12. Would?

From the Album 1. We Die Young 2. Man In The Box 3. Sea Of Sorrow 4. Bleed The Freak 5. I Cant Remember 6. Love Hate Love 7. It Aint Like That 8. Sunshine 9. Put You Down 10. Confusion 11. I Know Somethin (Bout You) 12. Real Thing

Other Songs A Little Bitter A Looking In View Acid Bubble All I Am All Secrets Known Am I Inside Black Gives Way To Blue Breath On A Window Brother Check My Brain Chemical Addiction Choke Deaf Ears Blind Eyes Died Drone Fairytale Love Story Fear The Voices Fly Get Born Again Got Me Wrong Heaven N Hell Hollow Hung On A Hook I Cant Have You Blues I Know Somethin Iron Gland Killer Is Me Killing Yourself King Of The Kats Lab Monkey Last Of My Kind Leave Me Alone Lessons Learned Love Song Low Ceiling Lying Season Maybe More Than U R Never Fade Phantom Limb Pretty Done Private Hell Queen Of The Rodeo Rainier Fog Red Giant Right Turn Rooster Scalpel So Far Under Social Parasite Stone Suffragette City Suffragette City(David Bowie Cover) Sufragette City Take Her Out Tears The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here The Killer Is Me The One You Know [Untitled] Whale and Wasp What The Hell Have I? Whatcha Gonna Do When The Sun Rose Again Would? Your Decision
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In 1987, Layne Staley met guitarist and song-writer Jerry Cantrell at a party and allowed him to stay at the Music Bank

The band signed with Columbia Records in 1989.

In 1998, Staley reunited with the other members of the group for the last time to record two more songs, "Get Born Again" and "Died".

On April 20th, 2002, Layne Staley was found dead in his condominium from an apparent lethal overdose of heroin and cocaine.

In 2005, Cantrell, Inez, and Kinney reunited to perform a benefit concert in Seattle for victims of the Tsunami Disaster that struck south Asia.
Jerry Cantrell - guitar, vocals (1987-)
Mike Inez - bass (1993-)
Sean Kinney - drums (1987-)
Former members:
Layne Staley - vocals (1987-2002)
Mike Starr - bass (1987-1993)
Name Origin:
Name Game: (The name derived from one of Layne Staley's former bands, Alice N' Chainz)
From: Seattle, Washington, USA
Genre(s): Grunge, Alternative Metal
"Live in the past, you find out it's hard to stay sober"
- Rainier Fog by Alice In Chains
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