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All Good Things Lyrics

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All Good Things is an American Alternative rock band formed in Los Angeles in 2013.

The group consists of Dan Murphy (vocals), Andrew Bojanic (guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, producer), Liz Hooper (bass, vocals, keyboards, producer), Miles Franco (guitars, bass, vocals), and Tim Spier (drums, vocals).

They were signed to Better Noise Records in 2019 after their song "For The Glory" and their album Machines appeared in multiple television and film advertisements, such as for the NHL, WWE, Sony Playstation, and their music videos were streamed and viewed more than 100 million times.

After the band signed with the Better Noise Records label in 2019, they released the single "Kingdom" from their forthcoming album. -Wikipedia
Dan Murphy
Andrew Bojanic
Liz Hooper
Miles Franco
Tim Spier

From: Los Angeles, California
Genre(s): Alternative rock, pop rock, epic rock, electronic rock, hard rock
Instrument(s): Guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, drums
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