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Tomas Henry Gaynor, better known by his stage name Allday, is an Australian rapper from Adelaide, South Australia. Allday became active in 2011, when Gaynor began uploading his music for free online.

He is now based in Los Angeles, California. His works have been influenced by acts such as Silverchair, Frank Ocean, and TLC. Gaynor sometimes raps under the alter ego MC Disturbance.

In November 2018, Allday released "Wonder Drug", the lead single from his third studio album. The album, titled "Starry Night Over the Phone", was released on 12 July 2019. -Wikipedia
Birth Name: Tomas Henry Gaynor
Born: February 21, 1991 (age 33)
From: Adelaide, South Australia
Genre(s): Rap
Instrument(s): Vocals
Associated Acts: Illy, T3, Mikey Hundred, Tigerilla, Mallrat, Blak3, Troye Sivan, Asta, Skizzy Mars, Gill Bates, Erik Sanders, Cam Meekins, Tyne James-Organ, The Veronicas
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