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Anavitoria Lyrics

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Anavitória is a Brazilian musical duo composed of Ana Clara Caetano and Vitória Falcão. Formed in 2015, Anavitória debuted with an EP produced by Tiago Iorc.

Both Caetano and Falcão studied in the same school in Araguaína, so they met and started recording covers for YouTube. One of the songs they recorded was "Um Dia Após o Outro" by Tiago Iorc and they sent it to the artist's manager Felipe Simas. So Iorc created the label "Forasteiro" in partnership with his manager to launch outstanding artists. Iorc produced the duo's first EP that was released on April 2, 2015.

After the success with the songs from the debut EP and the single "Singular", the duo launched a crowdfunding project for them, and released their debut album titled Anavitória. After the debut album the duo started their first tour through various cities in Brazil. Their song "Agora Eu Quero Ir" was featured in the soundtrack of Brazilian telenovela Malhação.

The duo's third studio album was released on November 29, 2019, titled N. The album consists of recordings of songs by Brazilian singer Nando Reis. -Wikipedia
Ana Clara Caetano
Vitória Falcão

From: Araguaína, Tocantins, Brazil
Genre(s): Pop, Folk
Instrument(s): Vocals
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