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Ashley Cooke Lyrics

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Ashley Cooke, the talented singer and songwriter, hails from Parkland, Florida, where her parents raised her.

In an interview with CountrySwag, Ashley shared that she started writing songs as a coping mechanism and writing down poems and songs in journals.

Ashley is also one family member and co-founder of The 615 House on TikTok. The 615 house is a group of independent country artists based in Nashville.

In an interview with SoundsLikeNashville, she mentioned that her new song Already Drank That Beer was inspired by her relationships and what she has been through regarding love.
Birth Name: Ashley Cooke
Born: June 12, 1997, (age 27)
From: Nashville, Tennessee
Genre(s): Country
Instrument(s): Vocals
Active From: 2018-present
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