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From the Single Sunshine

From the Album 1. Like A Fire 2. Ringo 3. Besos 4. Pure Evil 5. Perfect 6. Seismic Waves 7. Next To You 8. The Shit That Weve Been Through 9. When The Lights Go Out 10. No Biggie 11. Everything 12. Chasing New York 13. Sugar 14. Fishing Blues 15. Wont Look Back 16. Anybody That Ive Known 17. Still Be Here 18. A Long Hello

Other Songs @ 1597 3.2 Red Dog 4:30 Am 4: 30 Am 52 Pick Up 66th Street 7th St. Entry A Girl Named Hope A Song About a Friend A Tall Seven And Seven Abusing Of The Rib Abusing The Rib Adjust Advanced Communications Ain T Nobody Aint Nobody Alive Always Coming Back Home To You Americareful Angelface Angelface (Multiples 5 vs Travel 4) Anymore Apple Arthurs Song Aspiring Sociopath @ Bad Bad Daddy Bam Bam (Eventually Suddenly) Bar Food Bass And The Movement Bde Maka Ska Beautiful Became Between The Lines Bird Sings Why The Caged I Know Bitter Blak Culture Blamegame Bleed Slow Blotter Acid Reflux Syndrome Bob Seger Body Pillow Breathing Brief Description By Your Side Call the Shots Camera Thief Cant Break Carry Me Home Cats Van Bags Caved In Clay Cmon Commodities Complications Crewed Up Cuando Limpia el Humo Current Status Cut You Down Deer Wolf Delicate Denvemolorado Domestic Dog Dont Ever F*cking Question That Don't Ever Fucking Question That Dont Forget Dont Stop Dreamer Drown Dubs Dungeons And Dragons Earring Fashion Magazine F*ck You Lucy Fear Feel Good Hit Of The Summer Finer Things Fireflies F*@K You Lucy Flesh Flicker Fortunate Free or Dead Freefallin Fuck You Lucy Full Moon Get Fly Get It To Get Her Give Me Godlovesugly Godlovesugly Reprise Gods Bathroom Floor Good Daddy Good Times Gotta Lotta Walls Graffiti Guarantees Guns and Cigarettes Ha This One Is About Alcohol Too Hair Happy Mess Heart Hell Hells Playground Hidden Track Higher Living History Hockey Hair Hockey Hair (You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having) Homecoming Hope Horny Ponycorn Horns How I Won The War Hungry F*ck I Don T Need Brighter Days I Dont Need Brighter Days I Dont Need No Fancy Shit I Love You Like A Brother I Wish Those Cats @ Fobia Would Give Me Some Free Shoes Idiot If I Was Santa Claus If I Was Santa Clause If You Can Save Me Now In Her Music Box In My Continental Inside Outside Inside Outsider It Goes January On Lake Street Jason Jerome Jewelry Just for Show Kanye West Keep Steppin Less One Let Me Know That You Know What You Want Now Let Me Know That You Know What You Want to Know Lift Her Pull Her Lifter Puller Like The Rest Of Us Like Today Liquor Lyles Cool July Little Man Little Man (I Love You) Little Math You Los Angeles Lost and Found Love Each Other Love Is A Pimp Lovelife Lovely Lyle Lovette Lyndale Avenue Users Manual Make It All Better Again Make The Sun Come Out Makes the Sun Come Out Makeshift Patriot Mama Had a Baby and His Head Popped Off Mattress Me Mijo Millenium Dodo Millennium Dodo Millennium Dodo 2 Millie Fell Off The Fire Escape Minnesota Nice Modern Mans Hustle Molly Cool Mothers Day Mrs. Interpret Multiples Multiples Reprise Multiples Reprise 97 Musical Chairs Musical Chairs (Stop the Fucking Music) My Best Half My Key My Lady Got Two Men My Notes My Songs National Disgrace Never Not Another Day Nothing But Sunshine Ode To The Modern Man One of a Kind Onemosphere Painting Panic Attack Panic Attack (The P.A.) Party for the Fight to Write Party Over Here Peyote Postal Lady Pour Me Another Pour Me Another (Another Poor Me) Prelude To Hell Prides Paranoia Primer Puppets Randy Mosh Reflection Reflections RFTC Rhythm Of Rain Road To Riches Romance Round And Round Running With Scissors Sad Clown Salma Hayek Saves the Day Say Hey There Say Hey There (Gotta Go to Mexico) Scalp Scapegoat Secret Self Hate Bad Dub Sep Seven Game Show Theme She Dont Know Why She Love It Shes Enough Shhh Shh....(Slug) Shoes Shotgun Shoulda Known Shrapnel Sleeping On The Bright Side Smart Went Crazy Smart Went Crazy (The Beauty Pill) Snuggle Something So Son of Abyss Song About A Friend Sound Is Vibration Southsiders Spaghetti Strapped Specificity Star Shaped Heart Stopwatch Substance Abuse Suicidegirls Summer Song Takin Ova Tears For the Sheep That Night That Night (Sunshine Blues) Thats Not Beef Thats Pork The Abusing Of The Rib The Arrival The Bass and the Movement The Best Day The Ceiling The Hands of Time The Jackpot/Swept Away The Keys To Life Vs. 15 Minutes Of Fame The Last To Say The Loser Wins The Major Leagues The Number None The Number One The Ocean The Old Style The Outernet The Pill The River The Rooster The Ropes The Skinny The Snare The Things That Hate Us The Waitress The Wind The Woman With The Tattooed Hands The World Might Not Live Through The Night They All Get Mad At You They Always Know They Call It Theyre All Gonna Laugh @ You This Lonely Rose Threemosphere To All My Friends To The Break Of Sean Tracksmart Trailer Park Chicken Travel Trim Trying To Find A Balance Trying To Fly Until The Nipples Gone Vampires Vanity Sick Virgo Watch Out Watch Out (Hey You) We Aint Gonna Die Today What They Sitting For? White Noise Who Ill Never Be Wild Wild Horse Wild Wild Horses Windows WND Woman With The Tattooed Hands Wooden Ships Write Now Yesterday YGM You You Make Me Wanna You Played Yourself Your Glass House Your Glasshouse Your Name Here You’re Gonna Go
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Atmosphere is an American hip hop group from Minneapolis, Minnesota, consisting of rapper Slug and DJ/producer Ant. Sean Daley and Derek Turner met in high school. The two took the names Slug and D-Spawn, as rapper names. They initially performed under the name "Mental Subjects", before changing the name to "A Rhythmic Culture", and finally settling on "Urban Atmosphere". Slug was introduced to the producer Ant after they went to his house to record a track. Eventually the group dropped the "Urban" from their name. -Wikipedia
Slug (Sean Daley)
Ant (Anthony Davis)

From: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Genre(s): Hip hop
Active From: 1989-present
Associated Acts: Sab the Artist, Murs, P.O.S, Eyedea & Abilities, Blueprint, Living Legends, Aesop Rock, Brother Ali, Sage Francis, Grieves, MF Doom, Evidence, Mac Lethal, Doomtree, Felt
“If I was just another guy putting out records on an indie label, I could probably still be frustrated with what’s going on. But I’m in a position to have a little more control over the direction I go. The next step is to take our label and make it the way that other labels don’t make it. So that cats are never frustrated with us, the way you could be frustrated with your major or your indie label.”
Sean Daley

“I’d pretty much tell them to grow up, and don’t worry about it. If you found a cure to a disease would you only share it with your friends?”
Sean Daley

“The revolution has to start personally. You cant save the world or even your block until you save yourself. Cats need to quit separating themselves from each other when they’re all kind of on the same team.
Sean Daley

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