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Bad Omens Lyrics

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Bad Omens is an American metalcore band from Richmond, Virginia formed in 2015 by frontman Noah Sebastian, guitarist Nicholas Ruffilo, and bassist Vincent Riquier. The band later added guitarist Joakim "Jolly" Karlsson and drummer Nick Folio, releasing its critically acclaimed debut self-titled album in 2016 off Sumerian Records.

The idea to form Bad Omens came in 2013 when Noah Sebastian began secretly making lyrics while also performing guitar duties for a DC-based act named Immortalize. In 2014, Noah Sebastian departed from his former band, with Bad Omens in sight.

The lyrical content of the band's debut revolves mostly around despair, mental health struggles, and addiction. Noah Sebastian had this to say in an interview with Sumerian about "The Worst in Me", in particular: It's about a very intense and unhealthy relationship I was in, but we wrote it in a format that's universal to all bad habits. More specifically, it's something you can't let go of even though it's not good for you—whether it's a relationship, a drug problem, or terrible situation. You're addicted. -Wikipedia
From: Richmond, Virginia
Genre(s): Metalcore, post-hardcore, alternative metal, symphonic metal
Instrument(s): Guitaar, Bass, Vocals, Drums
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