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From the Album 1. Atopos 2. Ovule 3. Mycelia 4. Sorrowful Soil 5. Ancestress 6. Fagurt Er í Fjörðum 7. Victimhood 8. Allow 9. Fungal City 10. Trölla-Gabba 11. Freefall 12. Fossora 13. Her Mothers House

From the Album 1. Arisen My Senses 2. Blissing Me 3. The Gate 4. Utopia 5. Body Memory 6. Features Creatures 7. Courtship 8. Losss 9. Sue Me 10. Tabula Rasa 11. Claimstaker 12. Paradisia 13. Saint 14. Future Forever

From the Album 1. Stonemilker 2. Lionsong 3. History Of Touches 4. Black Lake 5. Family 6. Notget 7. Atom Dance 8. Mouth Mantra 9. Quicksand

From the Album 1. Hunter 2. Jóga 3. Unravel 4. Bachelorette 5. All Neon Like 6. 5 Years 7. Immature 8. Alarm Call 9. Pluto 10. All Is Full Of Love

From the Album 1. Army Of Me 2. Hyperballad 3. The Modern Things 4. Its Oh So Quiet 5. Enjoy 6. Youve Been Flirting Again 7. Isobel 8. Possibly Maybe 9. I Miss You 10. Cover Me 11. Headphones

From the Album 1. Human Behaviour 2. Crying 3. Venus As A Boy 4. Theres More To Life Than This 5. Like Someone In Love 6. Big Time Sensuality 7. One Day 8. Aeroplane 9. Come To Me 10. Violently Happy 11. The Anchor Song

Other Songs 107 Steps Ó Borg Mín Borg Í Dansi Með Þér ÞAð Sést Ekki Sætari Mey Aftur Efur þú Verið Að Daðra Aftur Efur þú Verið Að Daðra Alfur Ut Ur Hol All Is Full Of Love Alta Mira Ambergris March An Echo A Stain Ancestors Antarctic Return Anyone Who Had A Heart Arabadrengurinn Atlantic Aurora B Baenin Batabid Bath Bedtime Stories Bella Símamær Bílavísur Bresti Og Brak Börnin Við Tjörnina Bukolla Cetacea Charlene Cocoon Cosmogony Cry Me A River Crystalline Cvalda Danish Children Song Dare Dark Matter Declare Independence DELICIOUS DEMON Desired Constellation Domestica Downtown Dukkulisur Earth Intruders Fagurt Er i Fjoroum Foot Soldier Frosti Fusi Hreindyr Ég Veit Ei Hvað Skal Segja Ég Veit Ei Hvad Skal Segja Generous Palmstroke Gling-Gló Gloomy Sunday Glora Gratitude Harm Of Will Headphones Heirloom HETERO SCUM Hidden Place Himnafor HIT Hollow Holographic Entrypoint Hope Human Behavior Hunter Vessel Hyper Ballad (I Cant Get No) Satisfaction I Cant Help Loving That Man I Fall In Love Too Easily I Go Humble I Love To Love I Remember You I See Who You Are In The Musicals Innocence Its In Our Hands Its Not Up To You Ive Seen It All Jóhannes Kjarvalv Jólakötturinn Jólasveinar Joga Johannes Kjarval Karvel Kata Rokkar Keep Your Mouth Shut Le Petit Chevalier Lilith Litli Tónlistarmaðurinn Luktar Gvendur Minun Kultani Kaunis On Miovikudags Misty Moon Mother Heroic Mouths Cradle Músastiginn Musastiginn Mutual Core My Favourite Things My Juvenile N Nattura New World Next To Last Song Nu Flyver Anton Oceania Oliver Ooops Our Hands Overture Oxygen Pabbi Minn Pagan Poetry Pearl Play Dead Pleasure Is All Mine Pneumonia Ruby Baby Sacrifice Síðasta ég Scary Scatterheart Shimenawa Short Term Affair Show Me Forgiveness Sioasta Eg So Broken Sod Off Solstice Sonnets / Unrealities XI Sonnets / Unrealities XI Stígðu Mig Stígðu Mig Stigou Mig Storm Submarine Sun In My Mouth Sweet Intuition Takk The Comet Song The Dull Flame Of Desire Thunderbolt Tondeleyo Travessia Triumph Of A Heart Trolla-Gabba Um Akkeri Undo Unison V Verandi Vertebrae By Vertebrae Vessel Shimenawa Virus Visur Vatnsenda-Rosu Vökuró Vokuro Wanderlust Where Is The Line Who Do You Think You Are? Who Is It Why? Yoga You Dont Know What Love Is You Only Live Twice
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Björk Guðmundsdóttir, known mononymously as Björk, is an Icelandic alternative rock singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and occasional actress. She initially became known as the lead singer of the alternative rock band The Sugarcubes, before beginning her career as a solo artist in 1993.

Björk has had 30 singles reach the Top 40 on pop charts around the world, with 22 Top 40 hits in the UK. She has sold more than 20 million albums worldwide. -Wikipedia
Birth Name: Björk Guðmundsdóttir
Born: November 21st, 1965 (age 58)
From: Reykjavík, Iceland
Parents: Guðmundur Gunnarsson
Hildur Rúna Hauksdóttir
Spouse(s): Þór Eldon (m. 1986-87)

Children: Sindri Eldon Þórsson
Ísadóra Bjarkardóttir Barney

Genre(s): Alternative rock, electronica, experimental, trip hop, alternative dance, avant-garde, ethereal wave, ambient, jazz, classical, post-rock, baroque pop, industrial, post-punk (early)
Instrument(s): Voice, piano, keyboards, flute, harp, clarinet, harmonica
Active From: 1977-present
Associated Acts: The Sugarcubes, Dirty Projectors, Thom Yorke, Death Grips
Did You Know:
• Her 2011 album, Biophilia, was the first album to be released as a series of interactive apps, and in 2014 these apps were the first ever to be inducted into the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection.

• A full-scale retrospective exhibition dedicated to Björk was shown at the Museum of Modern Art in 2015, one of the few musicians to land one.
The Polar Music Prize from the Royal Swedish Academy of Music (In recognition of her "deeply personal music and lyrics, her precise arrangements and her unique voice.)
"The album's very much about being alone in your house, in a very quiet sort of introverted mood and you whisper, you sort of improvise. Which is between me and myself." (about her album 'Vespertine')

"I knew when I said yes that this would be not only my first role but also my last one. I'm very happy that it's to be this one." Asked whether she might one day reconsider, she said: "I have to do records now. I only have 50 years left, and I've got a lot of records to make." (After winning best actress award at Cannes)
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