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Black Stone Cherry Lyrics

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From the Single When The Pain Comes

From the Album 1. Blind Man 2. Please Come In 3. Reverend Wrinkle 4. Soulcreek 5. Things My Father Said 6. The Bitter End 7. Long Sleeves 8. Peace Is Free 9. Devils Queen 10. The Key 11. You 12. Sunrise 13. Ghost Of Floyd Collins

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Black Stone Cherry is an American rock band, formed in 2001 in Edmonton, Kentucky. Chris Robertson and John Fred Young, son of The Kentucky Headhunters's rhythm guitarist Richard Young,started to play music together early in their teens and were soon joined by Wells and Lawhon.

Black Stone Cherry officially formed on June 4, 2001. They then took over the practice house that had been used by The Kentucky Headhunters since 1968 and began to record tracks.
Chris Robertson -
lead vocals, lead guitar

Ben Wells -
rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Jon Lawhon -
bass guitar, backing vocals

John Fred Young -
drums, percussion, piano, backing vocals
Name Origin:
Chris Robertson explained:
"We got the name from a cigar box. It was Black Stone Cigars with a cherry flavor so we decided to divide into three words instead of two. And after realizing what the name was, we found it did have some meaning, because our band is really influenced by soul and blues so I guess the black part of it would be that and then of course the hard rock for stoned and the cherry is just a little something on top for the girls. I mean, it's one of those things that just happened and made total sense after the fact."
From: Edmonton, Kentucky, United States
Genre(s): Hard rock, southern rock, stoner rock, heavy metal
Active From: 2001-present
Associated Acts: The Kentucky Headhunters, Nickelback, Cavo, Alter Bridge, Theory of a Deadman
"There's lots of great bluegrass and southern gospel groups which we all love,"
Ben Wells

"When you're from an area where you don't have the competition to be playing the same kind of music, you create your own style of music,"
John Fred

"..being down here, in the middle of nowhere, you kind of have to come up with your own thing just to entertain yourself."
Chris Robertson

"We grew up looking at these posters and visualizing ourselves being on kids bedrooms, it pushed us to try to create something up to that level."
John Fred
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