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Blink-182 Lyrics

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From the Album 1. The First Time 2. Happy Days 3. Heaven 4. Darkside 5. Blame It on My Youth 6. Generational Divide 7. Run Away 8. Black Rain 9. I Really Wish I Hated You 10. Pin the Grenade 11. No Heart to Speak Of 12. Ransom 13. On Some Emo Shit 14. Hungover You 15. Remember to Forget Me

From the Album 1. Cynical 2. Bored To Death 3. Shes Out Of Her Mind 4. Los Angeles 5. Sober 6. Built This Pool 7. No Future 8. Home Is Such A Lonely Place 9. Kings Of The Weekend 10. Teenage Satellites 11. Left Alone 12. Rabbit Hole 13. San Diego 14. The Only Thing That Matters 15. California 16. Brohemian Rhapsody 17. Hey Im Sorry

From the Album 1. Carousel 2. M+M's 3. Dammit 4. Josie 5. What's My Age Again? 6. All the Small Things 7. Adam's Song 8. Man Overboard 9. The Rock Show 10. First Date 11. Stay Together For The Kids 12. Feeling This 13. I Miss You 14. Down 15. Always 16. Not Now 17. Another Girl Another Planet

From the Album 1. Feeling This 2. Obvious 3. I Miss You 4. Violence 5. Stockholm Syndrome 6. Down 7. The Fallen Interlude 8. Go 9. Asthenia 10. Always 11. Easy Target 12. All Of This 13. Here's Your Letter 14. I'm Lost Without You

From the Album 1. Anthem Part 2 2. Online Songs 3. First Date 4. Happy Holidays, You Bastard 5. Story Of A Lonely Guy 6. The Rock Show 7. Stay Together For The Kids 8. Roller Coaster 9. Reckless Abandon 10. Everytime I Look For You 11. Give Me One Good Reason 12. Shut Up 13. Please Take Me Home

From the Album 1. Dumpweed 2. Don't Leave Me 3. Aliens Exist 4. Going Away To College 5. What's My Age Again? 6. Dysentery Gary 7. Adam's Song 8. All the Small Things 9. The Party Song 10. Mutt 11. Wendy Clear 12. Anthem

From the Album 1. Pathetic 2. Voyeur 3. Dammit 4. Boring 5. Dick Lips 6. Waggy 7. Enthused 8. Untitled 9. Apple Shampoo 10. Emo 11. Josie 12. A New Hope 13. Degenerate 14. Lemmings 15. I'm Sorry

Other Songs 13 Miles 21 days  6/8 After Midnight Alisons Little Helper All The Small Things [Greatest Hits] Alone Always [Album Version] ANTHEM PART 3 Anthem Part II Anthem Part One Anthem Part Two Auto-Wash-A-Tasha Parody To Dysentery Gary BAD NEWS Bells Rare Live Ben Wah Balls Better Days BLINK WAVE Blow Job Boxing Day Breath And Let It Go Cacophony Carousel [Live At Sydney 2000] Carousel(The Real Mark Tom And Travis Show Version Cat Like Thief CHILDHOOD CUT ME OFF [Bonus Track] Dammit Messed Up Rap Version DANCE WITH ME Dancing With Myself Daras Song Dead Man's Curve Depends Depends With Talking At End Disaster Does My Breath Smell? Dogs Eating Dogs Don't Dont Take The High Road Don't Tell Me It's Over Dream Come True Dude Ranch EDGING Even If She Falls Every Time I Look For You Expert Knowledge Family Reunion Family Reunion [Live/1999] FELL IN LOVE Fentoozler Fighting the Gravity Fuck A Dog (hidden track, Yellow) FUCK FACE Ghost on the Dance Floor Girl At The Rock Show Gone Away Good Times Grandpa Green Hemroids Heart's All Gone Hidden Track High Road Himno De La Uni Hoe Hold On HURT (INTERLUDE) I ****Ed A Bitch I Miss You I Wont Be Home For Christmas Imbred Blister Popper Internal Prodigy Its Christmas Time Again Jenny 8675309 Josie Live In La Josy Just About Done Kaleidoscope Kids Of The Black Hole Letters To God Lifestyle Of The Rich And Famous Love Is Dangerous M M Marks Poem Marlboro Man MH 4.18.2011 Misery MORE THAN YOU KNOW Mother's Day My Alien My Boyfriend My Pet Sally Natives Not Another Christmas Song One Hit Wonder One Hit Wonder Dammit ONE MORE TIME OTHER SIDE Pants Cd Hidden Track Parking Lot Peggy Sue Peters Remix Please Tell Me Why Point of View Pretty Little Girl Quarantine Red Skies Reebok Commercial Rich Lips Rock Show Romeo and Rebecca Scrotum Cheese SEE YOU [Bonus Track] Shimmy Shimmy Coco Puff Shut Up II Snake Charmer Sometimes Sorry Gals Stockholm Syndrome Interlude Strings Take Off Your Pants And Jacket Take Off Your Pants And Jacket Yellow Version Hi TERRIFIED The Country Song The Family Next Door The Girl Next Door The Hokey Pokey The Porn Show There Is This Is Home Time Time To Break Up Tiny Voices Toast and Bananas Touchdown Boy Transvestite (unreleased demo for Buddha) TURN THIS OFF! TURPENTINE TV Twenty Three Up All Night Vai A Cagare Voyer Wasting Time Watch The World Watch Your Back What She Did What Went Wrong? What Went Wrong? [Bonus Track] What's My Age Again? / A Milli Whats My Age Agian Whats My Cult Again Whats My Name Again? When I Was Young WHEN WE WERE YOUNG When You Fucked Grandpa Wildfire Wishing Well Wrecked Him YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOUVE GOT You F*cked Up My Life Zulu
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Blink-182 is an American rock band formed in Poway, a suburb of San Diego, California in 1992. The trio consists of bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus, guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge, and drummer Travis Barker. -Wikipedia
Also Known As: Blink
Mark Hoppus - bass guitar, vocals
(1992-2005, 2009-present)
Tom DeLonge - guitar, vocals
(1992-2005, 2009-present)
Travis Barker - drums, percussion
(1998-2005, 2009-present)

Past members:
Scott Raynor - drums, percussion
Name Origin:
The originally went by the name 'Blink'. A name which Tom DeLonge thought of out of thin air. However, the Irish techno band Blink threatened to sue if they didn't stop using the name. So they added the '182' to their name. The band members maintain that the numbers were picked at random.
From: Poway, California, U.S.
Genre(s): Pop punk, alternative rock, skate punk
Active From: 1992-2005, 2009-present
Associated Acts: Box Car Racer, +44, Angels & Airwaves, Transplants
Blockbuster Award for Favorite Group - New Artist.

Teen Choice Award for Choice Rock Group

MTV Video Music Award for Best Group Video ("All The Small Things")

MTV Europe Music Award for Best New Act

Kid's Choice Award for Favorite Band

Teen Choice Award for Best Rock Group

MTV Europe Music Award for Best Rock Act.

Teen Choice Awards, for Choice Love Song ("I Miss You") and Choice Tour of the Year (with No Doubt).
"Volunteering is the last thing that this generation is going to do on their own, ... so if this is what it takes to get them to volunteer, then so be it.”

"I think last season was awesome, but this one is even crazier, ... You have no idea.”

"Right now, one of our members needs time off, so we're granting him that,”

"We've talked about working with Danger Mouse for the new Plus-44 record,”
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