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Bloc Party Lyrics

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From the Album 1. Day Drinker 2. Traps 3. You Should Know the Truth 4. Callum Is a Snake 5. Rough Justice 6. The Girls Are Fighting 7. Of Things Yet to Come 8. Sex Magik 9. By Any Means Necessary 10. In Situ 11. If We Get Caught 12. The Peace Offering

From the Album 1. The Love Within 2. Only He Can Heal Me 3. So Real 4. The Good News 5. Fortress 6. Different Drugs 7. Into The Earth 8. My True Name 9. Virtue 10. Exes 11. Living Lux 12. Eden 13. Paraíso 14. New Blood 15. Evening Song

From the Album 1. So He Begins To Lie 2. 3x3 3. Octopus 4. Real Talk 5. Kettling 6. Day Four 7. Coliseum 8. V.A.L.I.S. 9. Team A 10. Truth 11. The Healing 12. We Are Not Good People

From the Album 1. Ares 2. Mercury 3. Halo 4. Biko 5. Trojan Horse 6. Signs 7. One Month Off 8. Zephyrus 9. Talons 10. Better Than Heaven 11. Ion Square 12. Letter To My Son 13. Your Visits Are Getting Shorter 14. Flux

From the Album 1. Song for Clay (Disappear Here) 2. Hunting For Witches 3. Waiting For The 7:18 4. The Prayer 5. Uniform 6. On 7. Where Is Home? 8. Kreuzberg 9. I Still Remember 10. Sunday 11. SRXT

From the Album 1. Like Eating Glass 2. Helicopter 3. Positive Tension 4. Banquet 5. Blue Light 6. Shes Hearing Voices 7. This Modern Love 8. Pioneers 9. Price Of Gas 10. Little Thoughts 11. So Here We Are 12. Luno 13. Plans 14. Compliments

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Bloc Party are a British indie rock band, composed of Kele Okereke, Russell Lissack, Gordon Moakes, and Matt Tong.

The band was formed at the 1999 Reading Festival by Okereke and Lissack. Moakes joined the band after answering an advert in NME magazine, while Tong was picked via an audition. Bloc Party got their break by giving BBC Radio 1 DJ Steve Lamacq and Franz Ferdinand's lead singer, Alex Kapranos, a copy of their demo "She's Hearing Voices".

In August, 2013, the band then began an indefinite hiatus to continue with their respective side projects. -Wikipedia
Kele Okereke -
lead vocals, rhythm guitar, sampler

Russell Lissack -
lead guitar, sampler, programming

Gordon Moakes -
bass guitar, backing vocals, keyboards, glockenspiel

Matthew Tong -
drums, percussion, backing vocals

Name Origin:
After going through a variety of names, such as Union, The Angel Range, and Diet, the band settled on Bloc Party in September 2003, a play on block party. The band has said that the name was not intended to be an allusion to the Soviet Bloc or the Canadian political party Bloc Québécois.

However, Moakes said on the group's official Internet forum that it was more a merging of the eastern "Blocs" and the western "parties", in the political sense. He also notes that the name was not explicitly driven by politics, but rather it "looked, sounded, seemed fine so we went with it."

From: London, England
Genre(s): Indie rock, post-punk revival, post-Britpop, alternative dance alternative rock
Active From: 2003-2013 (hiatus)
Associated Acts: Pin Me Down, Young Legionnaire
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