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From the Album 2. The Journey 3. Its Easy 7. Used To Bad News 8. Dont Be Afraid

From the Album 1. Keep Ya Head Up 1. Tell Me 2. Higher Power 2. 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted 3. Everlong 3. Temptations 4. God Bless The Dead 5. Hail Mary 5. Dont Look Back 5. My Hero 6. Cool The Engines 6. Me Against the World 7. Livin For You 7. How Do U Want It 7. Times Like These 8. So Many Tears 8. Feelin Satisfied 8. Monkey Wrench 9. Unconditional Love 9. Party 10. Breakout 10. Trapped 11. Life Goes On 11. Long Road To Ruin 11. Amanda 12. This Is a Call 12. Hit em Up 13. Skin And Bones (Live) 13. Troublesome 96 14. Wheels 14. Brendas Got A Baby 14. A Man Ill Never Be 15. Word Forward 15. I Aint Mad At Cha 15. The Star Spangled Banner 16. I Get Around 16. 4th Of July Reprise 16. Everlong (Acoustic Version) 18. California Love 19. Picture Me Rollin 20. How Long Will They Mourn Me? 21. Toss It Up 22. Dear Mama 23. All About U 24. To Live And Die In L.A. 25. Heartz Of Men

From the Album 1. More Than A Feeling 2. Peace Of Mind 3. Foreplay / Long Time 4. Rock And Roll Band 5. Smokin 6. Hitch A Ride 7. Something About You 8. Let Me Take You Home Tonight

From the Album 1. Heaven On Earth 2. Didnt Mean To Fall In Love 3. Last Day of School 4. Sail Away 5. Life Love And Hope 6. If You Were In Love 7. Someday 8. Love Got Away 9. Someone (2.0) 10. You Gave Up On Love (2.0) 11. The Way You Look Tonight 12. Te Quiero Mia

Other Songs 4th Of July Reprise A Man Ill Never Be A New World Amanda Cantcha Say Cha Say Cool The Engines Corporate America Cryin Dont Look Back Feelin Satisfied Foreplay / Long Time Foreplay/Long Time Get Organ-ized Higher Power Hollyann (I Believe) Our Time Is Gonna Come I Had A Good Time I Need You Tonight I Need Your Love I Think I Like It Keep Pushin' Keep the Fire Burnin' Life, Love & Hope Livin For You Living Without You Long Time Magdalene Man Ill Never Be More Than A Feeling Music Man My Destination Only the Strong Survive Party Rock & Roll Band Shakin' It Loose Smokin Someone Stare Out Your Window Still In Love Stillness of the Night Surrender To Me Tell Me The Key The Launch The Launch: Countdown / Ignition / Third Stage Separation The Launch: Countdown / Ignition / Third Stage Separation The Star Spangled Banner To Be A Man Turn It Off Walk On Walk On Medley: Walk On Walk On Medley: Walk On (Some More) Walk on (Some More) Walkin At Night We Can Make It Were Ready Whats Your Name With You You Gave Up On Love
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Boston is an American rock band from Boston, Massachusetts that achieved its most notable successes during the 1970s and 1980s. They have sold over 31 million albums in the United States, of which 17 million were for their self-titled debut album and 7 million were for their second album, Don't Look Back.

Many of the songs from the debut album had been written as far back as 1970, six years before its release. Scholz had just graduated from MIT with a degree in mechanical engineering and was working at Polaroid on some top secret projects. But after work, he delved deep into his passion of writing and recording music. He met Delp in 1970, and they quickly recorded the songs that would eventually become More Than A Feeling and Hitch A Ride. -Wikipedia
Tom Scholz -
lead and rhythm guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals (1976-present)

Gary Pihl -
rhythm and lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals (1985-present)

Curly Smith -
drums, percussion, harmonica, backing vocals (1994-1997, 2012-present)

Kimberley Dahme -
bass, guitar, vocals (2001-present; on leave as of 2012)

Jeff Neal -
drums, percussion, backing vocals (2002-present; on leave as of 2012)

Tommy DeCarlo -
lead vocals, keyboards, percussion (2008-present)

David Victor -
guitar, vocals (2012-present)

Tracy Ferrie -
bass guitar, backing vocals (2012-present)
Name Origin:
According to Scholz, both John Boylan and his engineer Warren Dewey (who collaborated on mixing their debut album) suggested the name "Boston" for the band. for obvious reasons. Although Scholz felt it would be read as copying "Chicago," all of his rock music background had come from Boston.

Even as a high school student in Toledo, Ohio he carefully tuned in Boston's WBZ, a high power AM radio station which played the new influx of British rock, and a collection of groups known in the 60's as the "Boston" sound - and of course, he, Delp and the others lived in the greater Boston area.

From: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Genre(s): Rock, hard rock
Active From: 1976-present
Associated Acts: Cosmo, Orion the Hunter, Return to Zero, Stryper
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