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Óscar Armando Díaz De León Huez , born onJuly 26 , 1989 in Hermosillo , in the state of Sonora , Mexico , and better known by the stage name Carín León, is a Mexican singer-songwriter who officiates in the following musical genres: Mexican regional music , norteña music , ranchera , corrido , banda and sierreño.

Óscar Armando Díaz De León Huez started playing the guitar when he was in high school and took his first steps as a professional musician around 2005 as part of the local Banda “Los Reales”.

In 2010, he founded with four other young musicians, the Grupo Arranke in which he occupied for eight years the position of composer, guitarist of bajo quinto and first voice, to interpret música norteña , Musica sierreña and la banda music.

In 2019, he performs in more than 125 concerts in Mexico and the United States, and plans, before the shows are suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic , to hold between January and May 2020, 60 in these two countries, notably in Texas, New Mexico , Oklahoma and Minnesota 6.

According to figures published by the music streaming platform Spotify , Carín León ranked third among the most listened to Mexican artists in Mexico in 2022. -Wikipedia
Birth Name: Oscar Armando Diaz De Leon Huez
Born: July 26, 1989 (age 34)
From: Hermosillo, Sonora , Mexico
Genre(s): Mexican regional music, ranchera, corrido, norteña music, mariachi, Norteño-Banda ( d ), Campirano, conjunto norteño, reggaeton
Instrument(s): Acoustic guitar, Bajo quinto ( d ), Bajo sexto
Associated Acts: Grupo Arranke (2010-2018) Soloist (2019)
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