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From the Single feelslikeimfallinginlove

From the Album 1. ⦵ (Music of the Spheres) 2. Higher Power 3. Humankind 4. Alien Choir 5. Let Somebody Go 6. ♡ (Human Heart) 7. People of the Pride 8. Biutyful 9. ❍ (Music of the Spheres II) 10. My Universe 11. ∞ (Infinity Sign) 12. Coloratura

From the Album 1. Sunrise 2. Church 3. Trouble In Town 4. BrokEn 5. Daddy 6. WOTW / POTP 7. Arabesque 8. When I Need A Friend 9. Guns 10. Orphans 11. Eko 12. Cry Cry Cry 13. Old Friends 14. x 15. Champion Of The World 16. Everyday Life

From the Album 1. A Head Full Of Dreams 2. Birds 3. Hymn For The Weekend 4. Everglow 5. Adventure Of A Lifetime 6. Fun 7. Kaleidoscope 8. Army Of One 9. X Marks The Spot 10. Amazing Day 11. Colour Spectrum 12. Up&Up

From the Album 1. Life In Technicolor 2. Cemeteries Of London 3. Lost! 4. 42 5. Lovers In Japan / Reign Of Love 6. Yes 7. Chinese Sleep Chant 8. Viva La Vida 9. Violet Hill 10. Strawberry Swing 11. Death And All His Friends 12. The Escapist
Hidden Track

From the Album 1. Square One 2. What If? 3. White Shadows 4. Fix You 5. Talk 6. X&Y 7. Speed Of Sound 8. A Message 9. Low 10. The Hardest Part 11. Swallowed In The Sea 12. Twisted Logic 13. Til Kingdom Come

From the Single Clocks

From the Album 1. Politik 2. In My Place 3. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face 4. The Scientist 5. Clocks 6. Daylight 7. Green Eyes 8. Warning Sign 9. A Whisper 10. A Rush Of Blood To The Head 11. Amsterdam

From the Album 1. Dont Panic 2. Shiver 3. Spies 4. Sparks 5. Yellow 6. Trouble 7. Parachutes 8. High Speed 9. We Never Change 10. Everythings Not Lost

Other Songs 1.36 A Ghost A Hopeful Transmission A L I E N S A Message 2010 A Rush Of Blood To The Head A Sky Full Of Stars A Spell A Rebel Yell All I Can Think About Is You All Your Friends Always In My Head Animals Anothers Arms Another's Arms (Live At The Beacon Theatre, New York) Atlas Beautiful World Bigger Stronger Brothers And Sisters Brothers Sisters Careful Where You Stand Charlie Brown Christmas Lights Crest Of Waves Crests Of Waves De Música Ligera Death Will Never Conquer Dont Let It Break Your Heart Dont Panic dontpanic Easy To Please Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall feels like i'm falling in love Flags For You Ghost Story Glass Of Water God Put A Smile On My Face Gravity Gravity(Live) Green Eye Hardest Part Harmless Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Help Is Round The Corner How You See the World How You See the World No. 2 Huntin High And Low Hurts Like Heaven Hypnotised I Bloom Blaum I Ran Awa I Ran Away Idiot Ill See You Soon In the Sun Ink Èkó Ladder To The Sun Lhuna (and Kylie Minogue) Life In Technicolor II Life Is For Living Lips Like Sugar Lost Highway Lovers In Japan Lovers In Japan / Reign Of Love Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love Magic Major Minus Midnight Miracles Miracles (Someone Special) M.M.I.X. Moses Moving To Mars Murder Mylo Xyloto No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground Now My Feet Wont Touch The Ground O Oceans One I Love Only Superstition Panic Paradise Poor Me Postcards From Far Away Pour Me Princess Of China Proof Prospekts March / Poppyfields Prospekts March / Poppyfields Rainy Day Reign Of Love Scientist See You Soon Sleeping Sun Something Just Like This [Don Diablo Remix] Something Just Like This [Tokyo Remix] Sparks Streets Of Baltimore Such A Rush The Goldrush The Scientist The World Turned Upside Down Things I Dont Understand Till Kingdom Come True Love U.F.O. Up Up In Flames Up & Up Up With The Birds Up&Up Upandamp;Up Us Against The World Warning Sign We All Fall In Love Sometimes We're All in Love What a Wonderful World What the World Needs Now is Love Whats Going On Whats Going On Feat. Bono Wheres My Boy? Feat. Fautline Wish I Was Here World Turned Upside Down WOTW/POTP XandY Yellow(Corrected) You Only Live Twice Your Love Means Everything Part 2 Your Love Means Everything Pt. 2
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Coldplay are a British rock band formed in 1996 by lead vocalist Chris Martin and lead guitarist Jonny Buckland at University College London. After they formed under the name Pectoralz, Guy Berryman joined the group as a bassist and they changed their name to Starfish.

Will Champion joined as a drummer, backing vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist, completing the line-up. Manager Phil Harvey is often considered an unofficial fifth member. The band renamed themselves "Coldplay" in 1998. -Wikipedia
Guy Berryman -
bass, backing vocals, harmonica, mandolin, acoustic guitar (1996-present)

Jonny Buckland -
lead guitar, backing vocals, percussion (1996-present)

Will Champion -
drums, backing vocals, rhythm guitar, piano (1996-present)

Chris Martin -
lead vocals, piano, rhythm guitar, keyboards (1996-present)

Name Origin:
Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland were roommates with Tim Crompton who also had a band. Crompton's band changed names frequently and one of the names his band discarded was 'The Coldplay.' Crompton let the guys of 'Starfish' have it and they became Coldplay.

Crompton originally got the name from, "Child's Reflections, Cold Play," a 1997 collection by American poet Philip Horky.

From: London, United Kingdom
Genre(s): Alternative rock, post-Britpop
Active From: 1996-present
Associated Acts: Apparatjik
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