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Flawed Mangoes Interview-

An emerging name in the indietronica scene, Evan Lo, better known as Flawed Mangoes, has already demonstrated his vast production capabilities with a meager, 5-song discography. A typical song of his contains vocals from a featured artist to fill the verse, which is followed by a liberation of the track from tension with a harmonious drop filled with vocal chops, a plethora of ambient synths, and raging drums. Evan makes these intricate drops look easy and digestible yet mind-blowing, and this might just be the key to his breakout following; the artist already garners over 137,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. His high-flying single "I Am No Fun,” released in early May, has received over 1 million plays, his typical song structure ditched for one suited towards R&B, his indie appeal and masterful sound design, however, kept in tow. Evan enjoyed working on music in random places in New York City, but with the pandemic in full swing for much of his professional career, he's been adapting in an interesting way.

Q. How did you get started making music?
A. I started playing piano as a kid, and then played guitar in some bands in high school. I started off producing when I wanted to record my own guitar tracks at home, and got really into arranging and writing music on a computer which was a natural bridge into producing electronic music.

Q. Describe your music in just three words.
A.Compassionate, organic, DIY
Birth Name: Evan Lo
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