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Frank Ocean Lyrics

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From the Album 1. Nikes 2. Ivy 3. Pink White 4. Be Yourself 5. Solo 6. Skyline To 7. Self Control 8. Good Guy 9. Nights 10. Solo (Reprise) 11. Pretty Sweet 12. Facebook Story 13. Close To You 14. White Ferrari 15. Seigfried 16. Godspeed 17. Futura Free

From the Album 1. Start 2. Thinkin Bout You 3. Fertilizer 4. Sierra Leone 5. Sweet Life 6. Not Just Money 7. Super Rich Kids 8. Pilot Jones 9. Crack Rock 10. Pyramids 11. Lost 12. White 13. Monks 14. Bad Religion 15. Pink Matter 16. Forrest Gump 17. End 18. Golden Girl
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Other Songs 4 Tears Acura Integurl Alabama Ambience 002: Ambience 002: andquot;Honeybabyandquot; Ambience 002: ";Honeybaby"; American Wedding Analog 2 Anywhere At Your Best (At Your Best) You Are Love Back Bedtime Story Bend Ya Best Seller Biking Biking (Solo) Bitches Talkin Blasted Blue Whale Bricks And Steel Broken Pieces Cant Be The Last Time Cayendo Chanel Comme Des Garcons Commes Des Garcons Day Away Dear April [Side A - Acoustic] Deathwish Deathwish (ASR) Denim Device Control DHL Dreamkilla Dust Dying For Your Love Eyes Like Sky Flight Florida FocuS Follow Forest Gump Girlfriends Best Friend Go Up Goldeneye Got The Keys Greedy Love Hardest Thing HERO Higgs Holly Baby Hublots I Need It I Need Love If Im In Love In Here Somewhere In My Room J.O.B. Kamikaze Know Better Lens Lens V2 Let Me Lights Little Demon [Arca Remix] Lost Angel Lovecrimes Metal Gear Solid Mine Miss You So Mitsubishi Sony Moon River Nature Feels No Bonnie No Love Non-Stop Novacaine Novacane Ohh In Love Old Terror One Look Open Air Orion Overload Pink White Provider Pyrite Quickly Read The Stars Ready Richest Man In The Room Rocket Love Rushes Rushes To Scared Of Beautiful She Wont Say Hello Sideways Simply Slide On Me So Comfortable Songs For Women Soul Calibur Static Stay If You Go Strawberry Swing Sucka For Love Sucker For Love Swim Good Taste The City There Will Be Tears Thinking Bout You Time Machine Together Truce Try U Got It U-N-I-T-Y Voodoo Wake Up We All Try When Im Done Whip Appeal Wise Man Wiseman Wither Xenons You Are Luhh ((At Your Best (You Are Love))
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Frank Ocean is an American singer, songwriter, and rapper. His early works are credited by some music critics for pioneering the alternative R&B genre.

Ocean has won two Grammy Awards and a Brit Award for International Male Solo Artist among other accolades, and his two studio albums have been listed on Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Albums of All Time" (2020).

Ocean began his musical career as a ghostwriter, prior to joining the hip hop collective Odd Future in 2010. The following year, he released his first mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra, and subsequently secured a recording contract with Def Jam Recordings.

His first studio album, the eclectic Channel Orange (2012), incorporated R&B and soul styles. At the 2013 Grammy Awards, Channel Orange was nominated for Album of the Year and won Best Urban Contemporary Album; one of its singles, "Thinkin Bout You", was nominated for Record of the Year. He was named by Time as one of the world's most influential people in 2013.

After a four-year hiatus, Ocean released a visual album titled Endless in 2016 to fulfill contractual obligations with Def Jam. Ocean self-released his second studio album, Blonde, a day after Endless's release.

Blonde expanded on Ocean's experimental musical approach and ranked first on Pitchfork's list of the best albums of the 2010s decade. It was his first number-one album on the US Billboard 200 and was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). From 2017 onwards, Ocean has released sporadic singles, worked as a photographer for magazines, launched the fashion brand Homer, and started Homer Radio.

Ocean has charted 14 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 over the course of his career.
Birth Name: Christopher Edwin Breaux
Born: October 28, 1987 (age 36)
From: New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
Genre(s): Alternative R&B, psychedelic soul, avant-soul
Instrument(s): Vocals, keyboards
Occupation(s): Singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer
Active From: 2005–present
"All the things I didn't mean to say
I didn't mean to do
There were things you didn't need to say
You didn't need to..."
- Ivy by Frank Ocean
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