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Future Lyrics

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From the Album 1. We Still Dont Trust You 2. Drink N Dance 3. Out Of My Hands 4. Jealous 5. This Sunday 6. Luv Bad Bitches 7. Amazing (Interlude) 8. All to Myself 9. Nights Like This 10. Came to the Party 11. Right 4 You 12. Mile High Memories 13. Overload 14. Gracious 15. Beat It 16. Always Be My Fault 17. One Big Family 18. Red Leather 19. #1 (Intro) 20. Nobody Knows My Struggle 21. All My Life 22. Crossed Out 23. Crazy Clientele 24. Show of Hands 25. Streets Made Me A King

From the Album 1. We Dont Trust You 2. Young Metro 3. Ice Attack 4. Type Shit 5. Claustrophobic 6. Like That 7. Slimed In 8. Magic Don Juan (Princess Diana) 9. Cinderella 10. Runnin Outta Time 11. Fried (She A Vibe) 12. Aint No Love 13. Everyday Hustle 14. GTA 15. Seen it All 16. WTFYM 17. Where My Twin @


From the Album 1. Stripes Like Burberry 2. Marni on Me 3. Sleeping on the Floor 4. Real Baby Pluto 5. Drankin N Smokin 6. Million Dollar Play 7. Plastic 8. Thats It 9. Bought a Bad Bitch 10. Rockstar Chainz 11. Lullaby 12. She Never Been to Pluto 13. F-Off Dat 14. I Dont Wanna Break Up 15. Bankroll 16. Moment of Clarity

From the Album 1. Trapped in the Sun 2. HiTek Tek 3. Touch the Sky 4. Solitaires 5. Ridin Strikers 6. One of My 7. Posted with Demons 8. Hard to Choose One 9. Trillionaire 10. Harlem Shake 11. Up the River 12. Pray for a Key 13. Too Comfortable 14. All Bad 15. Outer Space Bih 16. Accepting My Flaws 17. Last Name 18. Tycoon 19. 100 Shooters 20. Life is Good (Remix)

From the Album 1. XanaX Damage 2. St. Lucia 3. Please Tell Me 4. Shotgun 5. Government Official 6. Extra 7. Love Thy Enemies

From the Album 1. Never Stop 2. Jumpin on a Jet 3. Rocket Ship 4. Temptation 5. Crushed Up 6. F&N 7. Call the Coroner 8. Talk Shit Like a Preacher 9. Promise U That 10. Stick to the Models 11. Overdose 12. Krazy But True 13. Servin Killa Kam 14. Baptiize 15. Unicorn Purp 16. Goin Dummi 17. First Off 18. Faceshot 19. Aint Coming Back 20. Tricks on Me

From the Album 1. Jet Lag 2. Astronauts 3. Fine China 4. Red Bentley 5. Make It Back 6. Oxy 7. 7am 8. Different 9. Shorty 10. Realer n Realer 11. No Issues 12. World On Drugs 13. Afterlife 14. Aint Livin Right 15. Transformer 16. Hard Work Pays Off

From the Album 1. Rent Money 2. Good Dope 3. Zoom 4. Draco 5. Super Trapper 6. POA 7. Mask Off 8. High Demand 9. Outta Time 10. Scrape 11. Im So Groovy 12. Might As Well 13. Poppin Tags 14. Massage In My Room 15. Flip 16. When I Was Broke 17. Feds Did A Sweep

From the Album 1. Aint No Time 2. In Her Mouth 3. Maybach 4. Xanny Family 5. Lil Haiti Baby 6. Photo Copied 7. Seven Rings 8. Lie To Me 9. Program 10. Low Life 11. Fly Shit Only

From the Album 1. Thought It Was A Drought 2. I Serve The Base 3. Where Ya At 4. Groupies 5. Lil One 6. Stick Talk 7. Freak Hoe 8. Rotation 9. Slave Master 10. Blow A Bag 11. Colossal 12. Rich $ex 13. Blood On The Money 14. Trap Niggas 15. The Percocet & Stripper Joint 16. Real Sisters 17. Kno The Meaning 18. F*ck Up Some Commas

From the Album 1. Look Ahead 2. T-Shirt 3. Move That Dope 4. My Momma 5. Honest 6. I Won 7. Never Satisfied 8. I Be U 9. Covered N Money 10. Special 11. Benz Friendz (Whatchutola) 12. Blood Sweat Tears 13. Big Rube Speaks
Deluxe Edition Bonus Track

From the Album 1. The Future Is Now 2. Parachute 3. Straight Up 4. Astronaut Chick 5. Magic (Remix) 6. Im Trippin 7. Truth Gonna Hurt You 8. Neva End 9. Tony Montana 10. Permanent Scar 11. Same Damn Time 12. Long Live The Pimp 13. Homicide 14. Turn On The Lights 15. You Deserve It

Other Songs 100it Racks 200 2Pac 30 For 30 Freestyle 31 Days 4 da Gang 56 Nights 600 Days No Sleep 7AM Freestyle Absolutely Going Brazy Abus Boomin After That Aint No Way Around It Aint Tryin Aintchu All da Smoke All Right All Shooters Appeal Argentiny Baby Sasuke Back At It Bag Ball Forever Be Encouraged Because of You Benz Friendz Best 2 Shine Big Rings Big Rube Speaks Bigger Picture Billionaire Minds Birds Take A Bath Bitches Aint Shit Bitches Gone Tell Bitches Love Me Blast Off Blow Bought Out (Bosses) Break the Rules Bust A Move Buy Love Bye Bye Ceelo Change Locations Chosen One Codeine Crazy Comin Out Strong Commas Corner Cruise Ship Cuddle My Wrist Da Fam On Da Gram Damage Deep In That Deeper Than The Ocean Diamonds Dancing Diamonds From Africa Die A Gangsta Digital Dash DNA DOH DOH Double Cup And Molly Drip on Me Drippin Drippin' (How U Luv That) Dripset Drive Itself Drunk In Love Enough Said Everything Ours Extra Luv Extra Luv F Faded FandN Feed Me Dope Fetti Finessin First Class Flights Fishscale Fo Real Forever Eva Freeband Gang Freeband Taliban Fresh Air Fu** Up Some Commas Future Back Gangland Georgia Get TF Out My Face Go Harder Good Morning Group Home Guap On Me Hallucinating Hard Hardly HATE THE REAL ME Hater Shit Havin It Heart In Pieces Honest How Can I Not How It Feel How It Was I Thank U Iced Out My Arms Ill Be Yours I'M DAT N**** Im The Plug In Abundance Incredible Inside The Mattress INTL Swagger Intro Itchin Jersey Jordan Diddy Jordan Diddy Interlude Jumpman Just Because Just Like Bruddas Karate Chop Keep On Shinin Keep Quiet Killed Before Killin it Kinda Dope Last Breath Lay Up Levels Life Is Good Lined Up Live From The Gutter Lookin Exotic Luxurious Mad Luv Magic Maison Margiela March Madness Mark McGwire Mean To Me Mind Blown Mink Flow Missing Money Train Monster Motion Picture Move That Dope feat Pharrell Pusha T and Casino Muphucka My My Collection My Ho 2 My Legacy My Momma feat Wiz Khalifa My Name Hold Weight My Savages My Wrath Name Hold Weight NASA Neva Missa Lost Never Forget Never Gon Lose Never Satisfied feat Drake Never Seen These New Illuminati News Or Somthn No Basic No Cap No Charge No Compadre No Issue No Love No Matter What No Shame No Tears Now Nowhere Nunbout Off Dat OG D Drop Old Hundreds Ooooh Oooooh Os Over Your Head Paparazzi Paradise Patek Patek Water Payback Peacoat Perkys Calling PIE Plastic Bag Pop Them Bands Purple Coming In Purple Reign Purple Reign Intro Racks Racks Blue Radical Real And True Real Love RED LIGHT Rider Rings On Me Rock Star RR Trucks Run Up Running Through A Check Salute Same Accord Scammalot Scholarships See It To Believe It Selfish Selling Heroin Shit Shopping Spree Show My Chain Some Love Showed Up Sh!t Side Effects Slow Down Smoke And Mirrors Solo SOME MORE Sorry Space Cadets Spaz On Yall Stains STAYED DOWN Stripes Like Burberry Struggles Substitute Everything Suffocate Swap It Out Take You Back Testify Thats A Check The Intro The Intro (Monster) The Percocet The Percocet & Stripper Joint The Percocet andamp; Stripper Joint Three Throw Away Tic Tac Tie My Shoes Trance Translator Turn On Me Two Rounds Unconditional Love Undefeated Upscale Use Me Walk On Minks Walk Thru Wassup Watch This Wesley Presley What It Do What It Is What They Gone Do With Me Whats Up With That Whats Wrong WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT)) AND 1182=2062 AND ((9382=9382 WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT') AND 1887=3879 AND ('raDT'='raDT WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT' AND 2406=9577 AND 'lcXG'='lcXG WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT' AND 3272=8241 AND 'sHRW'='sHRW WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT) AND 3851=8740 AND (9142=9142 WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT AND 4169=9003 WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT AND 5326=3835-- aWxd WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT AND 5328=2735 WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT')) AND 5560=8796 AND (('SFCm'='SFCm WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT AND 5608=5608 WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT)) AND 5608=5608 AND ((5126=5126 WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT) AND 5608=5608 AND (5141=5141 WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT')) AND 5608=5608 AND (('jMMe'='jMMe WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT') AND 5608=5608 AND ('LWEZ'='LWEZ WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT' AND 5608=5608 AND 'SXJE'='SXJE WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT AND 5608=5608-- prUK WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT')) AND 6015=2757 AND (('BHgW'='BHgW WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT) AND 8663=3728 AND (3487=3487 WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT') AND 8946=3027 AND ('cRol'='cRol WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT)) AND 9335=5468 AND ((7768=7768 WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT AND 9934=1093-- HXiZ WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT);SELECT PG_SLEEP(32)-- Where I Came From Whip Game Wicked Wifi Lit Wonderful Worst Day WRLD On Drugs Yeah Yeah Yeah You Da Baddest You Wonder YSL Cheetah Zone 6
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Nayvadius Cash, better known by his stage name Future, is an American
hip hop recording artist from the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia.
Birth Name: Nayvadius D. Wilburn
Name Origin:
Members of the 'The Dungeon Family' use to call him "The Future"
Born: November 20, 1983 (age 40)
From: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Spouse(s): Ciara (2013-2014)

Children: has 4 kids
1 with Ciara
(Future Zahir Wilburn born May 19, 2014)

Genre(s): Hip hop, R&B
Instrument(s): Vocals, keyboard
Occupation(s): Rapper, singer-songwriter
Active From: 2009-present
Associated Acts: Ciara, Dungeon Family, Drake, Gucci Mane, Rocko
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