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Jon Reddick Lyrics

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Veteran worship pastor and songwriter Jon Reddick composes lyrics that speak about redemption and hope.

His music's intention is to foment discussion while impacting cross-cultural narratives about difference, healing, and faith.

The live videos from his 2019 debut single "You Keep Hope Alive," for TobyMac's Gotee label, were shot at Nashville's Church of the City and have garnered hundreds of thousands of views while the track charted at streaming.

In 2017, Reddick watched TV as the horrifying events unfolded at Charlottesville, Virginia, in response to the Unite the Right demonstration.

Reddick's response to the tragedy resulted in "You Keep Hope Alive." The response to its release in April 2019 was instant; it charted at streaming and got radio play in the South. It made way for the poignant video that has been shared globally.
Birth Name: Jon Reddick
From: Memphis, TN
Genre(s): Contemporary Gospel, Black Gospel, Gospel
Instrument(s): Vocals
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