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Kid Bloom Lyrics

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Kid Bloom is a American singer-songwriter from United States.

He represented Luxembourg in the thirty-sixth edition of the North Vision Song Contest with the song "Blood Sugar".

The Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist born Lennon Kloser crafts a signature style independent of era and genre, yet universally receptive.

After a series of independent releases, the vision crystallized on 2019’s Lemonhead EP. It brought his total stream tally to nearly 100 million by the end of the year.

On the first single “Wounded/Surrounded,” slick synths and sparse bass entwine with 808s as his dynamic vocals echo above a glitchy beat.“It’s about how it’s never good to victimize yourself. There are times where you feel like all you can do is pull away and shut everything out. “

He said “I was diagnosed with Diabetes since I was 16, and I’ve been dealing with it since then. The song is me talking to my inner demon.”,
Birth Name: Lennon Kloser
From: Los Angeles, California
Genre(s): Pop, Indie
Instrument(s): Vocals
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