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Other Songs A Drug Against War A Hole In The Wall Achtung! Adios Agogo Anarchy Apathy Attak / Reload Attak / Reload Attak-Reload [Edit; Edit] Auf Wiedersehn Bait and Switch Bait & Switch Bargeld Be Like Me Beast Being Boiled Bereit Bitches Blackball Blame Blood Blood Evil [Mix] Brute Bullets Bombs and Bigotry Bullets, Bombs & Bigotry Bumaye Burning Brain C*nt-Boy Conillon Control Craze Davai Day Of Light Deutsche Schuld Die Now Live Later Die Now-Live Later Dirty Disgust Disobedience D.I.Y. Dogma Dont Blow Your Top Down And Out En Esch Entschuldigung Every Days A Good Day Fait Accompli Feed Our Fame Fix Me Up! Flesh Freak Flag Free Your Hate Friede From Here On Out Fuck Me Full Worm Garden Ganja Rock Gasoline Get It On Get Out Of My Head Glam Glitz Guts & Gore Glory Go To Hell Godlike Hau Ruck Headcase Hell Yeah Helmut! Mein Helmut! Help Us Save Us Take Us Away Hole in the Wall Hydroelectric I Am What I Am I Will Pray Ikons Inane Itchy Bitchy Itchy Bitchy [Dance Version] Jihad Joint Jezebel Juke Joint Jezebel Juke-Joint Jezebel Kickin Ass Killing King Kong King Kong Dub (Rubber Mix) Kraut Last Things Leibesleid Leid and Elend Leid und Elend Liebeslied Liebeslied / A Hole In The Wall Liebeslied / A Hole In The Wall Light Looking For Strange Los Ninos Los Niños del Parque Loving Can Be An Art Lufthans Lust Material Girl Mating Sounds Of Helicopters Me and My Gun Me I Funk Megalomaniac Mercy Mini Mini Mini Money Money-Radio-Mix More and Faster More & Faster [12" Mix] Moron Move On Murder Murder My Heart Mysterious Ways Naff Off Naive Naïve Naïve [Remix] Never Say Never New American Century No Meat/no Man No News No Peace Not In My Name Now Oh Look Oh Shit Ooh La La Penetration People Of The Lie Piggybank Pity For The Pious Positiv Potz Blitz! Power Preach / Pervert Preach / Pervert Professional Killer Rabblerouser Ready To Blow Real Thing Rebels in Kontrol Revenge Revolution Rip the System! Risen R.U. OK? Rubicon Rules R.U.OK? Saft Und Kraft Save Me Search and Destroy Sex On The Flag Shock Sieg Sieg Skurk Sleep Son Of A Gun Spiritual House Spit Or Swallow Spit Sperm Splatter Split Stare At The Sun Stars and Stripes Stars & Stripes Stray Bullet Strut Sturm and Drang Sturm & Drang [Edit; Edit] SturmandDrang Sucks Superhero Superpower Sycophant [Symbol] Takem Out Terror Thank You Thats All The Problem The Smell The Unrestrained Use Of Excessive Force These Boots Are Made for Walkin' [Bombs Remix] These Boots Are Made For Walking Thrash Up! Thumb Thumb Tod Durch Bongo-Bongo Today Tohuvabohu Torpedoes Torture Total State Machine Transmutation Trust UAIOE Ultra Under Satan Unfit Untranslated Urban Monkey Warfare Virus Virus-Dub Vogue Warpd Waste We Must Awaken Welcome What A Race What Do You Know? Witch Hunt Witness Wrath WWIII Yo-Ho-Ho Your Monkeys Business Youre No Good Zip
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KMFDM (originally Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid, loosely translated by the band as "no pity for the majority") is a multinational industrial band from Hamburg led by Sascha Konietzko, who founded the band in 1984 as a performance art project.

The band's earliest incarnation included German drummer En Esch and British vocalist Raymond Watts, the latter of whom left and rejoined the group several times over its history.

The trio recorded the band's earliest albums in Germany before Konietzko and Esch moved to the United States, where they found much greater success with seminal industrial record label Wax Trax!. German guitarist Günter Schulz joined in 1990; both he and Esch continued with the band until KMFDM broke up in 1999.

Konietzko resurrected KMFDM in 2002 (Esch and Schulz declined to rejoin) on Metropolis Records, and by 2005 he had assembled a consistent line-up that included American singer Lucia Cifarelli, British guitarists Jules Hodgson and Steve White, and British drummer Andy Selway. Konietzko and Cifarelli moved back to Germany in 2007, while the rest of the band stayed in the U.S. Hodgson and White moved on to other pursuits between 2015 and 2017, leaving the band a working trio unofficially.

In addition to these core members, dozens of other musicians have worked with the group across its twenty-two studio albums and over two dozen singles, with sales totaling in excess of two million records worldwide.

Critics consider KMFDM one of the first bands to bring industrial music to mainstream audiences, though Konietzko refers to the band's music as "The Ultra-Heavy Beat". The band incorporates heavy metal guitar riffs, electronic music, samples, and both male and female vocals in its music, which encompasses a variety of styles including industrial rock and electronic body music.

The band is fiercely political, with many of its lyrics taking stands against violence, war, and oppression. KMFDM normally tours at least once after every major release, and band members are known for their accessibility to and interaction with fans, both online and at concerts.

Members, independently or working together and with other musicians, have recorded under many other names, primarily Watts' Pig, Konietzko's Excessive Force, and Esch and Schulz's Slick Idiot.
Current line-up

Sascha Konietzko - vocals, guitars, bass, programming, keyboards, synthesizer, percussion, drums (1984-present)
Lucia Cifarelli - vocals, keyboards (2000-present)
Andy Selway - drums, programming (2003-present)
Andee Blacksugar - guitars, backing vocals (2017-present)

Former members:
Raymond Watts - vocals, programming (1984-1988, 1994-1995, 1997, 2002-2004)
En Esch - vocals, drums, guitars, programming, percussion (1985-1999)
Rudolph Naomi - drums (1985-1986, 1988-1991)
Günter Schulz - guitars, programming (1989-1999)
Mark Durante - guitars (1992-1997)
Jennifer Ginsberg - vocals (1994-1996)
Bill Rieflin - drums, programming, percussion, bass (1995-1999, 2002-2003; died 2020)
Tim Sköld - vocals, guitars, bass, drums, programming (1997-2002, 2009)
Jules Hodgson - guitars, bass, keyboards, programming (2002-2016)
Steve White - guitars, programming (2003-2015)
From: Hamburg, Germany
Genre(s): Industrial, Industrial rock, industrial metal, electro-industrial
Active From: 1984-1999,2002-present
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