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Lana Del Rey Lyrics

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From the Album 1. The Grants 2. Did You Know That Theres A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd 3. Sweet 4. A&W 5. Judah Smith Interlude 6. Candy Necklace 7. Jon Batiste Interlude 8. Kintsugi 9. Fingertips 10. Paris Texas 11. Grandfather please stand on the shoulders of my father while hes deep-sea fishing 12. Let The Light In 13. Margaret 14. Fishtail 15. Peppers 16. Taco Truck x VB

From the Album 1. Text Book 2. Blue Banisters 3. Arcadia 4. Interlude - The Trio 5. Black Bathing Suit 6. If You Lie Down with Me 7. Beautiful 8. Violets for Roses 9. Dealer 10. Thunder 11. Wildflower Wildfire 12. Nectar of the Gods 13. Living Legend 14. Cherry Blossom 15. Sweet Carolina

From the Album 1. White Dress 2. Chemtrails Over the Country Club 3. Tulsa Jesus Freak 4. Let Me Love You Like A Woman 5. Wild At Heart 6. Dark But Just a Game 7. Not All Who Wander Are Lost 8. Yosemite 9. Breaking Up Slowly 10. Dance Till We Die 11. For Free

From the Album 1. Norman f*cking Rockwell 2. Mariners Apartment Complex 3. Venice Bitch 4. F*ck it I love you 5. Doin Time 6. Love song 7. Cinnamon Girl 8. How to disappear 9. California 10. The Next Best American Record 11. The greatest 12. Bartender 13. Happiness is a butterfly 14. hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it

From the Album 1. Honeymoon 2. Music To Watch Boys To 3. Terrence Loves You 4. God Knows I Tried 5. High By The Beach 6. Freak 7. Art Deco 8. Burnt Norton (Interlude) 9. Religion 10. Salvatore 11. The Blackest Day 12. 24 13. Swan Song 14. Dont Let Me Be Misunderstood

From the Album 1. Cruel World 2. Ultraviolence 3. Shades Of Cool 4. Brooklyn Baby 5. West Coast 6. Sad Girl 7. Pretty When You Cry 8. Money Power Glory 9. F*cked My Way Up To The Top 10. Old Money 11. The Other Woman 12. Black Beauty 13. Guns And Roses 14. Florida Kilos 15. Is This Happiness 16. Flipside

From the Album 1. Born To Die 2. Off To The Races 3. Blue Jeans 4. Video Games 5. Diet Mountain Dew 6. National Anthem 7. Dark Paradise 8. Radio 9. Carmen 10. Million Dollar Man 11. Summertime Sadness 12. This Is What Makes Us Girls

Other Songs 13 Beaches 1949 A and W A Star For Nick Afraid All Smiles All You Need American Angels Forever Aviation Axl Rose Husband Baby Blue Love Back To The Basics Backfire Bad Disease Beautiful People Beautiful Problems Beautiful Player Because Of You Behind Closed Doors Bel Air Big Bad Wolf Big Eyes Big Spender Birds Of A Feather Blizzard Blue Velvet Boarding School Body Electric Bollywood Hawaii Born 2 Die Break My Fall Breaking My Heart Brite Lites Burning Desire Burnt Norton Butterflies C U L8R Alligator Catch and Release Change Chelsea Hotel No. 2 Cherry Chet Baker Children Of The Bad Revolution Coachella - Woodstock In My Mind Coachella - Woodstock In My Mind Cola Come When You Call Me America Criminals Run The World Crooked Cop Daddy Issues Damn You Dangerous Girl Daytona Meth Delicious Diet Mtn. Dew Disco Driving In Cars With Boys Dynamite Elvis End Of The World Every Man Gets His Wish Fake Diamond Find My Own Way For K For K Part 2 For K, Pt. 2 Fordham Road Fuck it I love you Fucked My Way Up to the Top Gangsta Boy Get Drunk Get Free Ghetto Baby Go Go Dancer God Bless America - And All The Beautiful Women In It God Bless America - And All The Beautiful Women In It Gods & Monsters Golden Grill Goodbye Kiss Gramma Gramma (Blue Ribbon Sparkler Trailer Heaven) Greenwich Groupie Love Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Hawaiian Tropic Heavy Hitter Heroin Hey You Hit And Run Hollywood Hollywoods Dead Hope Is A Dangerous Thing For A Woman Like Me To Have-But I Have It Hot Hot Hot Hundred Dollar Bill I Can Fly I Dont Wanna Go I Was In A Bad Way Im Indebited To You In My Feelings In The Sun In Wendy Is It Wrong? Jealous Girl Jimmy Gnecco Jump Kill Kill Kinda Outta Luck LA Who Am I To Love You Let My Hair Down Life Is Beautiful Lift Your Eyes Live Or Die Lolita Lolyta Looking For America Love Lucky Ones Lust For Life Maha Maha Making Out Match Made In Heaven Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight Mermaid Hotel Mermaid Motel Methamphetamines Midnite Dancer Girlfriend Moi Je Joue Money Hunny More Mountains My Best Days My Momma My Song 57 Never Let Me Go Next To Me Norman fucking Rockwell Oh Say Can You See On Our Way Once Upon A Dream Ooh Baby Out With A Bang Party Girl Pawn Shop Blues Pin-Up Galore Playground Playing Dangerous Pretty Baby Pride Prom Song Puppy Love Push Me Down Pussycat Kittycat Put Me In A Movie Put The Radio On Put Your Lips Together Queen Of Disaster Queen Of The Gas Station Raise Me Up Raise Me Up (Mississippi South) Ride Say Yes To Heaven Scarface Season of the Witch Serial Killer Shes Not Me Smarty So Legit Starry Eyed Stoplight De-Lite Strange Love Summer Bummer Summer Bummer (Clams Casino Remix) Summer Of Sam Summer Wine Summertime Summertime The Gershwin Version Take Me Home Country Roads Teenage Wasteland Television Heaven The Happiest Girl In The Whole USA The Man I Love Theres Nothing To Be Sorry About Tired Of Singing The Blues Tomorrow Never Came Trash Trash Magic True Love On The Side Try Tonight TV In Black And White West Coast (ZHU Remix) Westbound When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing White Mustang Without You Yayo You and Me You Can Be The Boss You Mister You Must Love Me You'll Never Walk Alone Young And Beautiful Your Band Is All The Rage Youre Gonna Love Me
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Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, known by her stage name Lana Del Rey, is an American singer-songwriter. Del Rey started writing at the age of 18 and she signed her first recording contract when she was 22 years old with 5 Points Records in 2007.

Del Rey's music has been noted for its cinematic sound and its references to various aspects of pop culture, particularly that of the 1950s and 1960s Americana. The singer has described herself as a "self-styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra".

She began singing in the church choir when she was a girl. After her uncle taught her how to play the guitar, she "realized she could probably write a million songs with those six chords," and she began performing nightclubs around the city under various names such as Sparkle Jump Rope Queen and Lizzy Grant and the Phenomena. -Wikipedia
Birth Name: Elizabeth Woolridge Grant
Also Known As: Lana Rey Del Mar, Lizzy Grant, Lana Del Ray, May Jailer, Sparkle Jump Rope Queen
Name Origin:
About choosing her stage name she has said: "I wanted a name I could shape the music towards. I was going to Miami quite a lot at the time, speaking a lot of Spanish with my friends from Cuba - Lana Del Rey reminded us of the glamour of the seaside. It sounded gorgeous coming off the tip of the tongue.

She has also previously said that her lawyers and managers made up the name Lana Del Rey and persuaded her to adopt the stage name

Born: June 21, 1986 (age 38)
From: Lake Placid, New York, U.S.
Parents: Pat Grant, Rob Grant
Genre(s): Pop, trip hop, indie pop
Instrument(s): Vocals, guitar
Occupation(s): Singer-songwriter, musician, model
Active From: 2005-present
Influences: Elvis Presley, Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Nirvana, Eminem, Bruce Springsteen, and Britney Spears.

Lana Del Rey explains why she went into the music industry:
"I wanted to be part of a high-class scene of musicians. It was half-inspired because I didn't have many friends, and I was hoping that I would meet people and fall in love and start a community around me, the way they used to do in the '60s."

Lana Del Rey talking about her experience being sent t oa boarding school in Connecticut for three years to get sober:
"I was a big drinker at the time. I would drink every day. I would drink alone. I thought the whole concept was so fucking cool. A great deal of what I wrote on Born To Die is about these wilderness years. When I write about the thing that I've lost I feel like I'm writing about alcohol because that was the first love of my life.

My parents were worried, I was worried. I knew it was a problem when I liked it more than I liked doing anything else. I was like, 'I'm fucked. I am totally fucked'. Like, at first it's fine and you think you have a dark side - it's exciting - and then you realise the dark side wins every time if you decide to indulge in it. It's also a completely differentway of living when you know that...a different species of person. It was the worst thing that ever happened to me"

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