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Mansionair Lyrics

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Mansionair burst back onto the scene with smash-hit single Easier in 2016, and now there's the promise of a debut album for this year. The future is looking bright, and a with a slew of recent festivals and overseas spots, Lach Bostock, Jack Froggatt and Alex Nicholls are more ready than ever to keep the ball rolling on what is sure to become a big name in Australian indie-electronic songwriting.

"The way this whole thing started was that we just put a song up on Soundcloud and the internet just kind of did its thing,” explains Bostock. "We didn't really know what was going on - we couldn't fathom it, it was almost as though it was a video game, which is really weird because it's not at all; it's real people.

Driving Mansionair's songwriting is the idea that music propels the architecture of our culture, inspiration coming simply from being young in Sydney, soaking up what it means to be vulnerable in a city on the precipice of so much social and cultural diversity.

"I think you're if not writing about your home town and your own experiences... the perspective we have in our style is very much stream of consciousness - our world, our feelings, our city,” contemplated Froggatt. -Lunchbox-
Jack Froggatt
Lachlan Bostock
Alex Nicholls
From: Sydney, Australia
Genre(s): Electronic, alternative, indie
Instrument(s): Voice, Electronic
Active From: 2016-present
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