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Massive Attack Lyrics

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From the Album 1. Pray For Rain 2. Babel 3. Splitting The Atom 4. Girl I Love You 5. Psyche 6. Flat Of The Blade 7. Paradise Circus 8. Rush Minute 9. Saturday Come Slow 10. Atlas Air

From the Album 1. Future Proof 2. What Your Soul Sings 3. Everywhen 4. Special Cases 5. Butterfly Caught 6. A Prayer for England 7. Small Time Shot Away 8. Name Taken 9. Antistar

From the Album 1. Angel 2. Risingson 3. Teardrop 4. Inertia Creeps 6. Dissolved Girl 7. Man Next Door 8. Black Milk 9. Mezzanine 10. Group Four 11. (Exchange)

From the Album 1. Protection 2. Karmacoma 3. Three 4. Weather Storm 5. Spying Glass 6. Better Things 7. Eurochild 8. Sly 9. Heat Miser 10. Light My Fire

From the Album 1. Safe From Harm 2. One Love 3. Blue Lines 4. Be Thankful For What Youve Got 5. Five Man Army 6. Unfinished Sympathy 7. Daydreaming 8. Lately 9. Hymn Of The Big Wheel

Other Songs Angel Any Love Any Love (2) Bullet Boy Dead Editors Euro Zero Zero Fake The Aroma False Flags Future Proof Home Of The Whale I Against I I Want You Live With Me Live With Me [DVD] Nature Boy Paradise Circus Prayer For England Radiation Ruling the Nation Reflection Ritual Spirit Safe From Harm Silent Spring Spitting The Atom Spying Glass Take It There Teardrop The Hunter Gets Capture By The Game The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game The Spoils Voodoo In My Blood Wire
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Massive Attack are an English trip hop group formed in 1988 in Bristol, consisting of Robert "3D" Del Naja,
Adrian "Tricky" Thaws, and Grant "Daddy G" Marshall.

Robert "3D" Del Naja ("D")
Grant "Daddy G" Marshall ("G")
From: Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Genre(s): Trip hop, alternative hip hop, experimental rock, Chill
Active From: 1988-present
Associated Acts: Shara Nelson, Gorillaz, Terry Callier, The Wild Bunch, Neneh Cherry, Tricky, Horace Andy, Neil Davidge, Portishead, Damon Albarn, Burial, Peeping Tom, Martina Topley-Bird
Did You Know:
• Did you know during the Gulf War in 1990 the band shorted their name to "Massive" because the British media didn't want suggestive words of violence

• Robert Del Naja was arrested in 2003 for possession of drugs and illicit pornography (but it was thought to be a smear campaign because of his views on the Iraq war)
"When people realised it was going to be mostly myself and Neil (Davidge), because of Mushroom leaving and (Daddy) G being unavailable, I think they thought it was going to be a real guitar-fest, very dark and very heavy,
Robert Del Naja

Being stubborn I didn't want to prove everyone right - I did completely the opposite, something a bit more gentle, more intricate and a bit more thoughtful.
Robert Del Naja

Everything seems so predictable and generic right now, I wanted something that felt very human and real.
Robert Del Naja

It's a spiritual place, the third eye, the window to the soul the place where you can communicate, without thinking.
Robert Del Naja

Getting out of your head is important because it does what it says, you escape from yourself a little bit, you escape from the usual trappings of your personality.
Robert Del Naja
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