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Morgan Wallen Lyrics

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From the Single Spin You Around (1/24)

From the Album 1. Born With A Beer In My Hand 2. Last Night 3. Everything I Love 4. Man Made A Bar 5. Devil Dont Know 6. One Thing At A Time 7. 98 Braves 8. Aint That Some 9. I Wrote The Book 10. Tennessee Numbers 11. Hope Thats True 12. Whiskey Friends 13. Sunrise 14. Keith Whitley 15. In The Bible 16. You Proof 17. Thought You Should Know 18. F150-50 19. Neon Star (Country Boy Lullaby) 20. I Deserve A Drink 21. Wine Into Water 22. Me All Your Reasons 23. Tennessee Fan 24. Money On Me 25. Thinkin Bout Me 26. Single Than She Was 27. Days That End In Why 28. Last Drive Down Main 29. Me To Me 30. Dont Think Jesus 31. 180 (Lifestyle) 32. Had It 33. Cowgirls 34. Good Girl Gone Missin 35. Outlook 36. Dying Man

From the Album 1. 7 Summers 2. Quittin Time 3. Wonderin Bout The Wind 4. Whiskeyd My Way 5. Whatcha Think Of Country Now 6. Wasted On You 7. Warning 8. This Bar 9. Still Goin Down 10. Somethin Country 11. Somebodys Problem 12. Silverado For Sale 13. Sand In My Boots 14. Rednecks Red Letters Red Dirt 15. Outlaw 16. 865 17. Only Thing Thats Gone 18. Neon Eyes 19. Need A Boat 20. More Than My Hometown 21. More Surprised Than Me 22. Me On Whiskey 23. Livin The Dream 24. Heartless (Wallen Album Mix) 25. Dangerous 26. Cover Me Up 27. Country A$$ Shit 28. Blame It On Me 29. Beer Dont 30. Your Bartender

From the Album 1. Up Down 2. Happy Hour 3. Had Me By Halftime 4. Whiskey Glasses 5. Whatcha Know Bout That 6. Redneck Love Song 7. Little Rain 8. If I Know Me 9. Chasin You 10. The Way I Talk 11. If I Ever Get You Back 12. Gone Girl 13. Not Good At Not 14. Talkin Tennessee

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Morgan Wallen is an American country music artist. In 2014, he competed on season 6 of The Voice, but was eliminated.

In April 2017, Wallen released a music video for his single, "The Way I Talk". He also joined Florida Georgia Line for set dates on their Dig Your Roots Tour.

Walken was going to pursue a career in Baseball, but a sports injury sidelined him. The East Tennessee native had dreams of playing professional baseball. "I played through my senior year. I got a couple of college offers and right before my senior year started, I blew my arm out,” says Wallen.

With his sports career sidelined, Wallen rekindled his passion for music, picking up the guitar and piano, and crafting his own material."I always liked country music, but Eric Church, was the first person who made me fall in love with it,” says Wallen. "The first song I heard was 'Love Your Love The Most,' and just the imagery, and how he just took me to a place...that song hit me in a way no song ever had before. I started digging into country more, and realized I liked Tim McGraw's music and Keith Whitley.

Though professional label, booking, and publishing deals have come swiftly to the burgeoning new talent, Wallen is intent on making the most of his newfound opportunities. -Wikipedia-,
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