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The Naked And Famous Lyrics

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The Naked and Famous are an alternative rock band from Auckland, New Zealand. They formed in 2008 when Thom Powers
and Alisa Xayalith recorded EPs This Machine and No Light with engineer Aaron Short, a fellow student at Auckland's
MAINZ music college.
Aaron Short (born Aaron Philip Short) - keys (2008-present)

Alisa Xayalith - vocals, keyboards (2008-present)

Thom Powers (born Thomas Brading Powers) - vocals, guitars (2008-present)

David Beadle (born David William Henry Beadle) - bass (2009-present)

Jesse Wood (born Jesse Peter Wood) - drums (2009-present)
Name Origin:
The band took their name from a line in the English artist Tricky's song "Tricky Kid", "everybody wants to be naked and famous", that is ambivalent about the notion of celebrity

From: Auckland, New Zealand
Genre(s): Post-punk revival, Synthpop, Indie Rock, Indietronica, Post-rock, Shoegaze, Noise Pop, Electronica
Active From: 2008-present
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