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From the Album 1. Looking Out for #1 2. Light It Up 3. The Fall Guy 4. Make It All Right 5. Ok, but This Is the Last Time 6. Truth in Fiction 7. Come to Brazil 8. Get Some 9. Hanging by a Thread 10. You Can't Get There from Here

From the Single Make It All Right

From the Album 1. Welcome 2. Have You Ever 3. Staring At The Sun 4. Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) 5. The Kids Arent Alright 6. Feelings 7. Shes Got Issues 8. Walla Walla 9. The End Of The Line 10. No Brakes 11. Why Dont You Get A Job? 12. Americana 13. Pay The Man

From the Album 1. Disclaimer 2. The Meaning Of Life 3. Mota 4. Me & My Old Lady 5. Cool To Hate 6. Leave It Behind 7. Gone Away 8. I Choose 9. Intermission 10. All I Want 11. Way Down The Line 12. Dont Pick It Up 13. Amazed 14. Change The World

From the Album 1. Time To Relax 2. Nitro [Youth Energy] 3. Bad Habit 4. Gotta Get Away 5. Genocide 6. Something To Believe In 7. Come Out And Play 8. Self Esteem 9. Itll Be A Long Time 10. Killboy Powerhead 11. What Happened To You? 12. So Alone 13. Not The One 14. Smash

Other Songs 52 Girls 52 Grrls 80 Times A Lot Like Me A Thousand Days All Along All I Have Left Is You Army of One Autonomy Baghdad Beheaded Beheaded 99 Behind Your Walls Blackball Bloodstains Breaking These Bones Burn It Up (Cant Get My) Head Around You Cant Repeat Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) Cocktail Come Out Swinging Coming for You Conspiracy Of One Conspirancy Of One Crossroads Cruising California Da Hui Dammit I Changed Again Days Go By Defy You Demons Denial Revisited Dirty Magic Dividing By Zero D.U.I. Elders Falling Fix You Forever And A Day Get It Right Half-Truism Hammer Hammerhead Hand Grenades Hassan Chop Hey Joe Hit That Hopeless Huck It Hurting As One Hyperdermic Hypodermic I Got A Right I Wanna Be Sedated I Wanna Secret Family I Wanna Secret Family (With You) I Want You Bad Ill Be Waiting Intro (Intro) Disclaimer Jeniffer Lost the Day Jennifer Lost The War KeepEm Separated Kick Him when He is Down Kick Him When Hes Down Kill The President Kristy Are You Doing Okay? L.A.P.D. Laundry Day Let the Bad Times Roll Lets Hear It For Rock Bottom L´Homme 7:00 Up Lightening Rod Lighting Rod Lightning Rod Living In Chaos Long Way Home Lullaby Me And My Old Lady Million Miles Away Mission From God My and My Old Lady My Friends Got A Girlfriend Neocon Never Gonna Find Me Never Gunna Find Me Next To You Nitro No Hero Nothing From Something Nothingtown O.C. Guns O.C. Life Offspring- Tehran One Fine Day One Hundred Punks Original Prankster Out On Patrol Pretty Fly Pretty Fly(For A Jedi) Race Against Myself Rise And Fall Secrets From The Underground Session Shes Got Issuses Sin City Slim Pickens Does The Right Thing And Rides The Bomb To Hell Smash It Up Spare Me The Details Special Delivery Stand By Me Stuff Is Messed Up Take It Like A Man Takes Me Nowhere Tehran Territorial Pissings The Future Is Now The Kids Arent Allright The Kids Arent Alright The Noose The Offspring - The Worst Hangover Ever The Opioid Diaries The Worst Hangover Ever Theran This Is Not Utopia Total Immortal Totalimmortal Trust In You Turning Into You Video Killed The Radio Star Vultures Want You Bad We Are One We Never Have Sex Anymore What Happned To You When Youre In Prison Worst Hangover Ever Youre Gonna Go Far Kid
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The Offspring is an American punk rock band from Huntington Beach, California, formed in 1984. The Offspring is often credited - alongside fellow California punk bands Green Day and Rancid - for reviving mainstream interest in punk rock in the 1990s. They have sold over 50 million records worldwide, being considered one of the best-selling punk rock bands of all time.
Also Known As: Manic Subsidal (1984-1986)
Dexter Holland - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
(1985-present), piano (2008-present), lead guitar (1984-1985)

Greg K. - bass guitar, backing vocals

Noodles - lead guitar, backing vocals

Pete Parada - drums, percussion
Name Origin:
Bryan Holland and Greg Kreisel were originally in a band called 'Manic Subsidal'. However, two members dropped out and the duo picked up Kevin Wasserman as guitarist and Ron Welty as the drummer. When they came to record their first CD, they were asked what the name of the band was.It wasn't until then that Bryan and Greg realised they couldn't be called Manic Subsidal. While thinking about it, someone yelled out "The Offspring" and since then the band stuck with that name.

From: Huntington Beach, California
Genre(s): Punk rock, pop punk, skate punk, alternative rock
Formed: in 1984 in Garden Grove, California when they were outside of a Social Distortion concert, when both were refused entry
Active From: 1984–present
Associated Acts: Face to Face, Saves the Day, Angels & Airwaves, Moth, Social Distortion, T.S.O.L
I was in a band without a label, and I was trying to find one that would sign us. A lot of the guys I know were guys who had their own labels, like Jello Biafra with Alternative Tentacles, Fat Mike at Fat Wreck, Bret at Epitaph, Ian MacKaye at Dischord…. I always thought it was a cool idea to have your own label, but I did not have the money or the connections. That all changed after SMASH came out. From being on an independent label I learned how to run one. I had a little bit of money from SMASH. I had these friends of mine in a band called Guttermouth who were looking for a label, and we got together. We literally started on my kitchen table. I was pressing up records and storing them in my bedroom.
-Dexter Holland

I live in Huntington Beach now. I grew up in Garden Grove. I lived there my whole life.
-Dexter Holland

These are very scary times. Things can easily escalate more than ever before. Anybody with a backpack and a cell phone can blow up hundreds of people. Our last record came out a few months before 9/11, and it was called A CONSPIRACY OF ONE, and only a generation ago it was the Cold War, with the threat of nuclear weapons. Now I see it as more likely that one person or a small group can inflict that much damage and fear. It was a weird thing to have the album come out only six months before the terror attacks.
-Dexter Holland
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