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Dmitry Iliich Volynkin, professionally known as Øneheart in the ambient genre and hisotsu in the lo-fi jazzhop genre, is a Russian music producer. Dmitry initially ventured into music production within the trap genre before Øneheart.

Øneheart emerged onto the music scene in 2018, focusing on the creation and release of atmospheric electronic compositions spanning genres like wave, ambient, hardwave and phonk. Notably, Øneheart's earliest track, "Alone There," was shared on Soundcloud on October 4, 2019.

The debut of hisotsu occurred in November 2020 with the single "Coffee Shop," a collaborative effort alongside RejSende.

In a significant milestone, Øneheart made his debut on the Monstercat label with the release of the track "restless," a collaboration with Kazukii, on July 25, 2023.

Impressively amassing a following, Øneheart boasts 6.7 million monthly listeners and a dedicated audience of 290,000 followers on Spotify. His meteoric rise began with the viral sensation of his breakthrough hit "snowfall," created in collaboration with reidenshi. The track garnered over 1.4 million creations on TikTok and accrued an impressive 423.6 million streams on Spotify, solidifying his presence as a prominent figure within the ambient music circuit.
Birth Name: Dmitry Iliich Volynkin
Also Known As: hisotsu
Genre(s): dark electronic, ambient
Active From: 2018-Present
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