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From the Album 1. Welcome 2 America 2. Running Game (Son Of A Slave Master) 3. Born 2 Die 4. 1000 Light Years from Here 5. Hot Summer 6. Stand Up and B Strong 7. Check the Record 8. Same Page Different Book 9. When She Comes 10. 1010 (Rin Tin Tin) 11. Yes 12. One Day We Will All B Free

From the Album 1. Sex Shooter 2. Jungle Love 3. Manic Monday 4. Noon Rendezvous 5. Make-Up 6. 100 MPH 7. Youre My Love 8. Holly Rock 9. Baby Youre A Trip 10. The Glamorous Life 11. Gigolos Get Lonely Too 12. Love... Thy Will Be Done 13. Dear Michaelangelo 14. Wouldnt You Love to Love Me

From the Album 1. Baltimore 2. Rocknroll Loveaffair 3. 2 Y. 2 D. 4. Look At Me 5. Stare 6. Xtralovable 7. Groovy Potential 8. When She Comes 9. Screwdriver 10. Black Muse 11. Revelation 12. Big City

From the Album 1. Million $ Show 2. Shut This Down 3. Aint About To Stop 4. Like A Mack 5. This Could B Us 6. Fallinlove2nite 7. Xs Face 8. Hardrocklover 9. Mr. Nelson 10. 1000 Xs & 0s 11. June


From the Album 1. I Wanna Be Your Lover 2. Uptown 3. Controversy 4. 1999 5. Delirious 6. When Doves Cry 7. I Would Die 4 U 8. Purple Rain 9. Sign O The Times 10. I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man 11. Alphabet St. 12. Diamonds And Pearls 13. Gett Off 14. Money Dont Matter 2 Night 15. 7 16. Nothing Compares 2 U 17. My Name Is Prince

From the Album 1. 7 2. Adore 3. Alphabet St. 4. Diamonds And Pearls 5. I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man 6. I Feel For You 7. Nothing Compares 2 U 8. Pink Cashmere 9. Pop Life 10. Soft And Wet 11. Thieves In The Temple 12. Thieves In The Temple (Pt. II) 13. Uptown 14. When You Were Mine 15. Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?

From the Album 1. Controversy 2. Cream 3. Dirty Mind 4. Gett Off 5. Head 6. I Wanna Be Your Lover 7. If I Was Your Girlfriend 8. Kiss 9. Peach 10. Pope 11. Raspberry Beret 12. Sexy MF 13. U Got The Look

From the Album 1. Sign O The Times 2. Play In The Sunshine 3. Housequake 4. The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker 5. It 6. Starfish And Coffee 7. Slow Love 8. Hot Thing 9. Forever In My Life 10. U Got The Look 11. If I Was Your Girlfriend 12. Strange Relationship 13. I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man 14. The Cross 15. Its Gonna Be A Beautiful Night 16. Adore

From the Album 1. Lets Go Crazy 2. Take Me With U 3. The Beautiful Ones 4. Computer Blue 5. Darling Nikki 6. When Doves Cry 7. I Would Die 4 U 8. Baby Im A Star 9. Purple Rain

From the Album 1. 1999 2. Little Red Corvette 3. Delirious 4. Lets Pretend Were Married 5. D.M.S.R. 6. Automatic 7. Something In The Water (Does Not Compute) 8. Free

Other Songs 1000 Xs 1000 Xs & 0s 1000 Xs and Os 1000 Xs andamp; 0s 1000 X's & O's 1+1+1 Is 3 17 17 Days 17 Days (Piano 17 Days (Piano and a Microphone 1983 Version) 18 and Over 1 1 1 Is 3 1 800 New Funk Advertisement 200 Balloons 2020 2045: Radical MAn 2 Nigs United 4 West Compton 2 the Wire 2 Whom It May Concern 2morrow 2nite 3121 319 3 Chains O Gold 3rd Eye 3rd I 4 The Tears In Your Eyes 4 The Tears In Your Eyes (Usa For Africa Version) 4 The Tears In Your Eyes (Video Version) 4Ever 5 Women A 1000 Hugs And Kisses A Case Of U A Case Of You A Case of You (Piano A Case of You (Piano and a Microphone 1983 Version) A Million Days A Place In Heaven A Womans Gotta Have It Acknowledge Me Act Of God affirmation I Affirmation I and II affirmation I andamp; II Ain't About 2 Stop AINTTURNINROUND Alexa De Paris All Day, All Night All The Critics Love U In New York All The Midnights In The World All This Love America An Honest Man And God Created Woman And God Created Women Animal Kingdom Anna Stesia Annie Christian Another Boy Another Lonely Christmas ANOTHERLOVE Anotherloverholenyohead Arboretum Around The World In A Day Arrogance Avalanche Baby Baby Go-Go Baby I Baby I'm A Star Baby Knows ...Back 2 the Lotus Ballad of Dorothy Parker Bambi Batdance Beautiful Beautiful Loved And Blessed Beautiful Strange Beginning Endlessly Betcha By Golly Wow! Better With Me Better With Time Big Fun Big Tall Wall Billy Jack Bitch Black Sweat Blue Light Bob George Bold Generation Boom Broken Brother With a Purpose Calhoun Square Call My Name Call The Law Cant Stop This Feeling I Got Cause And Effect Chaos and Disorder Chelsea Rodgers Chocolate Box Christopher Tracys Parade Cindy C Cinnamon Girl Circle Of Amour Cloreen Bacon Skin Cloreen Baconskin Cold Coffee And Cocaine [Piano and a Microphone] Cold Coffee and Cocaine (Piano and a Microphone 1983 Version) Colonized Mind Color Come Come On Comeback Compassion Computer Blue Condition Of The Heart Count The Days Courtin Time Crazy You Crimson And Clover Crucial Crystal Ball Curious Child Da Bang Da Da Da Daddy Pop Damn U Damned If I Do Dance 4 Me Dance On Dark Darling Nikke Darling Nikki Data Bank Days Of Wild Dead On It Dear Mr. Man Deconstruction Deuce a Quarter Dig U Better Dead Digital Garden Dinner With Delores Dinner With Dolores Dionne Do It All Night Do U Lie? Do Your Dance [KC's Remix] Do Yourself a Favor $ Dolphin Donna Don't Let Him Fool Ya Dont Play Me Dont Talk 2 Strangers Down A Long And Lonely Road Dream Factory Dreamer Dreamin About U East Electric Chair Electric Intercourse Elephants And Flowers Elixer Emale Emancipation Empty Room Endorphinmachine Erotic City Escape Eætraordinary Everybody Loves Me Everyday Is A Winding Road Everytime Everywhere Extraloveable Extraordinary Eye No Face Down Family Name Fascination Feel Good Feel Good Feel Better Feel Wonderful Feel U Up FIXURLIFEUP Flutestramental For You Forever In My Live Friend Lover Sister Mother/Wife Funky Fury Future Baby Mama Future Soul Song Gangster Glam Get Loose Get On The Boat Get Yo Groove On Get Your Groove On Girl Girl 6 Girls And Boys Girls & Boys Glam Slam Gold Good Life Good Love Goodbye Gotta Broken Heart Again Gotta Stop Gotta Stop (Messin' About) Graffiti Bridge Guitar Had U Hallucination Rain Have A Heart Have A Hearth Hello Here Here Eye Come Here On Earth Here On Heart Hide The Bone Hollywood Home Horny Pony Horny Toad Hot Thing Hot Wit U How Come U Dont Call Me Anymore? 882kHz How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore? (Take 2) I Am I Am The DJ I Cant Make U Love Me I Hate U I Know I Like Funky Music I Like It There I Love U But I Don抰 Trust U Anymore I Love U But I Dont Trust U Anymore I Love U In Me I Miss You I Need a Man I No I Rock Therefore I Am I Rockrefore I Am I Wanna Melt With U I Wanna Melt With You I Will I Wish U Heaven I Wonder U I Would Die 4 U If Eye Was The Man In Ur Life If I Was Your Girlfiend If Itll Make U Happy I'll Done Anything Illusion Coma Pimp and Circumstance Illusion, Coma, Pimp & Circumstance Im Yours Immersion In A Large Room With No Light In Love In This Bed I Scream In This Bed I Screem Incense And Candles Insatiable Interactive International Lover 882kHz International Lover (Piano International Lover (Piano and a Microphone 1983 Version) International Lover (Take 1) [Live in Studio] Into The Light Irresistable Bitch It Takes 3 Its About That Walk Its Gonna Be Lonely Jack U Off Jam Of The Year Johnny Joint 2 Joint Journey 2 The Center Of Your Heart Joy In Repetition Jughead Just As Long As Were Together Kept Woman La La La He He Hee La La La Means I Love U Lady Cab Driver La-La (Means I Love You) Last December Last Heart Lavaux Laydown Le Grind Lemon Crush Let Let's Go Crazy Letitgo Lets Go Crazy Lets Have A Baby Lets Work Life Can Be So Nice Life O The Party Lion Of Judah Lisa Live 4 Love Lolita Look at Me, Look at U Loose! Love Love 2 The 9s Love Like Jazz Love Machine Love Or Money Love Sign Loveleft Loveright Lovesexy Mad Sex Magnificent Make It Through The Storm Make Your Mama Happy Man In A Uniform Man 'O' War ManOWar Man'o'war (Remix) Mary Don't You Weep [Paino and a Microphone (2018)] Mary Dont You Weep (Piano Mary Dont You Weep (Piano and a Microphone 1983 Version) MARZ Mashed Potato Girl Intro Medley: Just Friends (Sunny)/If You Want Me to Stay Mellow Melody Cool Million $ Show Minneapolis Miss You Money Don't Grow on Trees Moonbeam Levels [2019 Remaster] Morning Papers Mountains Movie Star Mr. Goodnight Mr. Happy Muse 2 The Pharaoh Muse To The Pharoah Musicology Mustang Instrumental Mustang Mix My Computer My Little Pill My Love Is Forever My Medallion Nasty Girl New Position New Power Day New Power Generation New Power Generation, Pt. 2 New Power Soul New World Newpower Soul No Call U No More Candy 4 U No One Else North Nothing Compares To You Now NPG Bum Rush The Ship NPG Operator Objects In The Mirror Oilcan Ol Skool Company Old Friends 4 Sale On The Couch One Kiss At A Time One Kiss At The Time One Nite Alone One Of Us One Of Your Tears One Song Orgasm Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden Our Destiny/Roadhouse Garden P Control Paisley Park Papa Partyman Partyup Pearls B4 The Swine Pearls Before The Swine Pheromone Planet Earth Poom Poom Positivity Possessed Power Fantastic Prettyman PRETZELBODYLOGIC Prince Private Joy Props N Pounds Purple Music Purple Rain Purple Rain (Piano and a Microphone 1983 Version) Push Push It Up Pussy Control Race Rainbow Children Raspberry Beret [Live/Alone] Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic Rearrange Reflection Release It Resolution Return Of The Bump Squad Right Back Here In My Arms Right The Wrong Ripopgodazippa Rock And Roll Love Affair Rock Hard In A Funky Place Rock N Roll Is Alive Rockhard In A Funky Place RockNRoll Love Affair Ronnie Talk To Russia Round And Round Running Game Sarah Satisfied Saviour Scandalous Scarlet Pussy Sea Of Everything Segue Sex Sex In The Summer Sex Me Sex Me Not Sexual Suicide Sexuality Sexy Dancer Sexy Staxaphone and Guitar Shake! She Gave Her Angels She Loves Me 4 Me She Spoke 2 Me Shes Always In My Hair Shes Just A Baby Shhh Shockadelica Shoo-Bed-Ooh Shy Silly Game Sister Slave Slave 2 The System Sleep Around Snow Man So Blue So Dark So Far So Pleased Solo Somebodys Somebody Something in The Water Something U Already Know Sometimes It Snows In April Somewhere Here On Earth Soul Sanctuary Soul Santuary South Space S.S.T. Standing At The Altar Sticky Like Glue Still Waiting Still Would Stand All Time STOPTHISTRAIN Strange But True Strange Relationship (Piano Strange Relationship (Piano and a Microphone 1983 Version) Strays Of The World Strollin Style Sunrise Sunset Super Hero Supercute Superfunkycalifragisexy Sweet Baby Take Me With U Take Me With U [Live/Alone] Take Me With You Tamborine Tangerine Te Amo Corazón Te Amo Corazon Teacher Teacher Tell Me How U Wanna B Done Tell Me How U Want 2 B Done Tempo Temptation The Arms Of Orion The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker [Live/Alone] The Beautiful Ones The Breakdown The Continental The Dance The Everlasting Now The Everlasting Now (Vamp) The Flow The Future The Greatest Romance Ever Sold The Holy River The Human Body The Ladder The Latest Fashion The Love We Make The Lubricated Lady The Marrying Kind The Max The Morning After The Morning Papers The Most Beautiful Girl In The World The One The One U Wanna C The Other Side Of The Pillow The Plan The Purple Medley The Question Of U The Rest Of My Life The Ride The Sacrifice Of Victor The Same December The Screams Of Passion The Second Coming The Sensual Everafter The Song of the Heart The Sun Moon and Stars The Sun The Moon And Stars The Truth The United States of Division The Word The Work Part I The Work Pt. 1 There Is Lonely Therell Never B (There'll Never B) Another Like Me Things Have Gotta Change Things Have Gotta Change (Tony M. Rap) Thrill You Or Kill You Thunder Tic Toc (feat. Bobbie Blackburn) Tick Tick Bang TICTACTOE Touch Me Train Trust Turn It Up U Make My Sun Shine Under The Cherry Moon Underneath The Cream Undisputed Until Ure In My Arms Again Ure Gonna C Me Vagina Valentina Venus De Milo Vicki Waiting Violet the Organ Grinder Walk Dont Walk Walk In Sand Walk In The Sand Wall Of Berlin Wasted Kisses We Can Fuck We Can Funk We Can Work It Out We Do This We Gets Up We March Wedding Feast Wednesday [Piano and a Microphone] Wednesday (Piano and a Microphone 1983 Version) Welcome 2 The Dawn West What Do U Want Me 2 Do? What If? Whats My Name When 2 R In Love When Doves Cry When Doves Cry [7'' Version] When I lay my hands on you When She Comes (Original Version) When The Lights Go Down When U Love Somebody When U Were Mine When Were Dancing Close And Slow When You Love Somebody Wherever U Go Whatever U Do White Mansion WHITECAPS Why The Butterflies [Piano and a Microphone] Why the Butterflies (Piano and a Microphone 1983 Version) Willing And Able With You Witness 4 The Prosecution WOW Xenophobia Xtraloveable Yah, You Know Yo Mister You You Got The Look You Will Be Moved Young And Beautiful You're All I Want Youve Got The Look Zannalee
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Prince is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actor. He has produced ten
platinum albums and thirty Top 40 singles during his career.
He has written several hundred songs and produces and records his own music for his own music label.
He has sold over 100 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling artists of all time.
Birth Name: Prince Rogers Nelson
Also Known As: The artist formerly known as Prince, Jamie Starr ,Christopher , Alexander Nevermind ,The Purple One , Joey Coco
Born: June 7, 1958
in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.
Died: April 21st, 2016 (at the age of 57)
in Chanhassen, Minnesota,
(reportedly after overdosing on the addictive painkiller Percocet, first used after hip surgery in 2010)
From: Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.
Height: 5' 2" (157 cm)
Spouse(s): Manuela Testolini (December 31 2001 - 2007) (divorced)

Mayte Garcia (February 14, 1996 - February 14, 1999) (annulled)
Children: Boy Gregory Nelson
Genre(s): Funk, R&B, pop, new wave, Minneapolis sound, synthpop, Rock, Classic Rock
Instrument(s): Vocals, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums, saxophone, harmonica
Occupation(s): Musician, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actor, film director
Active From: 1976-2016
Associated Acts: The Revolution, Wendy & Lisa, The New Power Generation, The Time, Morris Day, Sheila E., Vanity 6, Apollonia 6, Mazarati, The Family, 94 East, Madhouse, Andy Allo
Did You Know:
• He is of African American and Italian descent

• He was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in March 2004

• His father is jazz pianist John L. Nelson.
3 American Music Awards for Favorite Pop/Rock Album and Favorite Soul/R&B Album (Purple Rain) and Favorite Soul/R&B Single ("When Doves Cry")

3 Grammy Awards for Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group, Best Album of Original Score Written for a Motion Picture or TV Special (Purple Rain) and Best R&B Song (songwriter) (Chaka Khan's "I Feel For You")
But again, it's the record company. If they don't want to promote a song, they don't make the effort to cross it over into other markets, and the fans don't get to know it. It's the same with my albums.

Charlie Chaplin started having kids at 60-just decided he wanted to have kids then. I still feel the same as I've always felt. Better now, because I'm happier.

Do you know how many of my songs I own? Not a single one. Out of 16 albums, not a single one. They won't belong to my children. I won't be able to pass them on to my grandchildren. They belong to someone else. Why? It's my music.

I always used to cuss onstage... Now I've learned that that's not necessary.

I went to see the Jackson Five when I was a kid, and they all wore flat shoes and it didn't work.

I'm much more comfortable with doing interviews now because I'm harder to misquote. Everything I'm about is freedom of choice and knowing what the truth can do.

In the early years when I toured, I was never a tourist. I was always so focused on the show. I just wanted to tear it up and get out of town.

Now there's no one to go and see. Where are the young ones coming along to whoop us up? Who is there to go and see? Fem 2 Fem?

On the next tour I'm gonna do, it's gonna be more of a revue-type thing with all good acts. The show might start at four o'clock in the afternoon. There'd be Mavis, Maceo, Lenny, Santana, and the Family Stone and us. I just want to be around people that are about positivity.

We don't celebrate birthdays like we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Because you're told you're supposed to retire at a certain age.

What if I don't want to sing Purple Rain every time I go on stage? The fans don't want that, either. It's my music, they're my songs.

Why does there have to be a soundcheck? I don't have a songcheck. You don't have a clothescheck.
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