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Prodigy Lyrics

Other Songs 3 Kilos 3 Stacks 5 Boroughs 600 Benz 7th Heaven ABCs Action Radar Android Babys Got A Temper Bang On em Be Cool Bear Meat Benny Blanco Bible Paper Bitch Get Of Me Boom Boom Tap Break Enter Breakin Bells Breathe breatheliamhandrenelavicereamp Brown Bug Powder Dust Bulworth Cant Complain Champions of London Charly Claustrophobic Sting Click Clack Climbatize Colours Confessions Crazy Man Curb Ya Dog Death Of The Prodigy Dancers Death Sentence Delt w/ The Bull Delt W/ The Bullshit Destroy Diamond Diesel Power Dirty New Yorker Do It Dont be a Follower Dough Pildin Down And Out In New York City Dreamers Drive Thru Everybody In The Place Factory Girl F*ck Bitches Field Marshal P Fight Fire with Fire Fire Firestarter Fourth of July Fuel My Fire Full Throttle Funky Shit Gangsta Love Genesis Get Back Get Money Get Up Get Off Get Your Fight On G-force Girls Give Em Hell Give Me a Signal Give The Drummer Some Great Spitters Gun Play H.N.I.C. Hot Ride How High Hyperspeed Hyperspeed [G-Force Part 2] I Get Wrecked I Want Out Ibiza Illuminati Im From The Trap In The Beginning Infamous Minded Intro Invaders Must Die Invisible Sun Its Nothing Its The New Style Jericho Keep It Thoro Kick It In King Kut Kowalski Lay Low Legends Light Up The Sky Littles Livin The Life Mac 10 Handel Mac 10 Handle Mac 10 Handles Made in Two Minutes Madge Speaks Make A Hole Medicine Memphis Bells Mindfields More Girls Music Reach My Angel My World Is Empty Without You Narayan Nasty Need Some1 New Yitty New York Nickel And A Nail No Good No Good (Start the Dance) No Tourists Now Look I'ma Menace Omen Omen Reprise One Love One Man Army Out Of Space P. Speaks Pandemonium Phoenix Piranha Poison Poison [LP Version] Power Rap Rat Poison Real Power Is People Rebel Radio Red Box-Lean On Me Resonate Return Of The Mac Rhythm Bomb Rhythm Of Life R.I.P. Rip up The Sound System Rise Of The Eagles Roadblox Rock Dat Rock Dat Shit Rok-Weiler Ruff In The Jungle Bizness Run With The Wolves Self Conscience Serial Thrilla Shoot Down Shootdown Skull & Bones Skylined Smack My Bitch Up Speedway Spitfire Stand Up Stay Dope Stop Fronting Stuck On You Take It To The Top Take Me Take Me To The Hospital The Day Is My Enemy The Grimy Way The Heat The Life The Mac Is Back The One The Rotten Apple The Way It Is Their Law They Scared Three Three Stacks Thunder Time To Get Ill Timebomb Zone Trials Of Love turn up da beat Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Part II Voodoo People Wake Up Call Wall Of Death Wanna Be Thugs Warriors Dance We Are The Ruffest We Gonna Rock We Live Forever Weather Experience What Evil Lurks What U Rep When I See You Wild Frontier Wind It Up World's on Fire Y.B.E. Y.N.T. You Can Never Feel My Pain Youll Be Under My Wheels Young Veterans Your Love Zeroes And Ones
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The Prodigy are an English electronic music group from Braintree, Essex, formed by Liam Howlett in 1990. Along with The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim and other acts, The Prodigy have been credited as pioneers of the big beat genre, which achieved mainstream popularity in the 1990s and 2000s. They have sold over 25 million records worldwide.
Liam Howlett - keyboards, synthesizers, programming, laptop, computer, samples, turntables, drums, percussion, drum machine

Keith Flint - dancing, vocals

Maxim - MC, beatboxing, vocals
From: Braintree, Essex, England
Genre(s): Electronica, Big beat, breakbeat, industrial, alternative rock, electronic rock, synthpunkEarly works: Breakbeat hardcore, alternative dance, hardcore techno, oldschool jungle, rave
Active From: 1990-present
MTV Europe Award for Best Dance Act
I went through eight years of classical piano lessons without being able to read notes. I only have to hear a melody to be able to play it. It used to freak my piano teacher out when he finally noticed that notes don't make any sense to me and that I played by ear.
-Liam Howlett

I simply recognized that the band must go on in the development. I needed to go back to the music, to the roots and move forward with the music itself. The British dance scene has become anemic, washed out and simply beat orientated.
-Liam Howlett

I'm not sure, in my book punk is a life-style, a way of thinking. Our outlook is: Here we are, love us or hate us. If that's punk then we're punks.
-Liam Howlett

I wrote half the record in 2002, which basically concluded with us releasing "Baby's Got A Temper," the last single. I think after the disappointment of that record for myself with the lack of energy and the way the record came out, I would say that was probably the low point of The Prodigy.
-Liam Howlett

Well basically what happened is, I found out that Michael Jackson didn't actually write Thriller. It was written by Rod Temperton who luckily lives in London. I sent him the track and then I had a meeting with him in his penthouse. He'd went out that morning and bought The Fat Of The Land, my last album, and we had the most bizarre conversation. He said that the music was quite aggressive and "Smack My Bitch Up" sounds X-rated. I explained the idea was the nostalgia thing of taking the record, tearing the ass out of it and spitting it out as something else. He said to me that since you write melodies, why don't you recreate it. I thought well that's not really it, that's getting round the situation and the point really is the nostalgic trip of using the original piece of music and then tearing it up and just kind of spitting it out as something else.
-Liam Howlett

The way that I've wrote this record, it was always in the back of my mind that we should be able to play these records live. We're not going to play every track live, but we'll take like five or six of these tracks and we've already been into the studio and sussed-out which tracks we're going to play.
-Liam Howlett
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