Schoolly D - Education Of A Black Man Lyrics

Schoolly D Lyrics

Education Of A Black Man Lyrics
[Malcolm X]
"We have a common enemy.. we have this in common
We have a common oppressor, a common exploiter
and a common dis-discriminator
So once we all, realize that we have this common enemy
then we unite"

[Schoolly D]
Yeah, education of a black man, and his people
Gather round School like School was a steeple
Black minds and black rights and black fights
Supernatural black man, and my black might
Some say that rap is just madness
I say I'm glad that I had this
urge and the courage, submerge
a dope beat and super dope poem
Sit on down and get a slap in the dome
Yeah it's School, that's my name
Rap - uh-huh, that's my game
Love - for my brother
Black baby, that's my color
I'm a black man

"For the same procedure, you and I can use
to get our problem solved
That's been done - all the nations came together
They were dark nations, not for the caucausians
Some of them will do this
Some of them will look"

[Schoolly D]
Some wanna stop me, some you wanna rock me
On stage, son you like to jock me
Code Money my man you hear the freeze
[scratchin] Make em all say please
Bring the beat back, the beat back was hittin
I'm like a black man, I'm never quittin
Some say that School is absurd
Pull my pistol, make em say word
Give you speed and speed is what you need
and but I never never give you your greed
Because greed is for a devil, and not a rebel
I'm like school, I'll put you on a level
Some say you be American
But I say be a black man, baby

Education of a black man

Uh-huh, School, that's my name
Rap, uh-huh, that's my game
Love - feel for my brother
Black, that's my color baby, yeah

"These, evil genies no they didn't have nuclear weapons
They didn't have jet planes
They didn't have all of the power of Parliament
that the white man has
But they had ?
They were able to submerge ?
and agree on one thing.."

Education of a black man

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