Schoolly D Lyrics

Schoolly D Lyrics

From the Album Welcome To America (1994) (buy at
Welcome To America
I Wanna Get Dusted
Motherf*ckin D
Stop Frontin
Another Sign

From the Album How A Blackman Feels (1991) (buy at
How A Blackman Feels
Your Worst Nightmare
King Of New York
Original Gangster
Where'd You Get That Funk From
Just Another Killer
Peace To The Nation
Sometimes It's Got To Be That Way

From the Album Am I Black Enough For You? (1989) (buy at
Am I Black Enough For You?
Education Of A Black Man
Black Jesus
Am I Black Enough For You?
Don't Call Me Nigger

From the Album Smoke Some Kill (1988) (buy at
Smoke Some Kill
Here We Go Again
Mr.Big Dick
Signifying Rapper

From the Album Saturday Night! - The Album (1987) (buy at
Saturday Night! - The Album
Do It, Do It
Get 'N' Paid

From the Album Schoolly D (1985) (buy at
Schoolly D
I Don't Like Rock "N" Roll
Put Your Fila's On
P.S.K.-What Does It Mean?

Other Songs:
Saturday Night
Tha Aqua Teen Hunger Force Rap

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