Schoolly D - Motherf*ckin D Lyrics

Schoolly D Lyrics

Motherf*ckin D Lyrics
F*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you

D motherf*ckin D, motherf*ckin D
Its the D, its the motherf*ckin D

1, 2, 3, A, B, C, D
Here come the black nigga straight from the trees
KKK tried to hang me
Niggaz tried to bang me, but it ain't no thang G
Pass me the J, and I roll me a buddah
School is the teacher and the motherf*ckin tutor
Another hardcore motherf*ckin on the run
Give me the mic before I key ya like a gun
I'mma kill me a Po, a pussy, and a faggot
Cause up to my neck motherf*ckers I've had it
If you wanna rhyme motherf*cker wanna riddle
I'm in the front cold money in the middle
I don't care about your mainstream audience
All I care about is the rubbers and the 40 ounce
If you wanna come motherf*cker then come
But I tell you now, you better bring a gun


Can't f*ck with the flavor, f*ck what they gave ya
Schooly D nigga, I came back to save ya
Lookin at my Gucci, I tell you what it mean
Niggaz on part side lickin that green
If you wanna rumble, if you wanna fight
I kick ass on Saturday night
Yes I'mma nigga, a straight up nigga
Schooly D nothin but a part side nigga
Pass me a 40, roll me the cheeba
Niggaz like me and you know that we need a
Hit it, quit it, I gotta get blasted
Some motherf*ckers wanna call me a bastard
Cause I'mma nigga smokin I'mma brotha
Plus I'm the motherf*cker doin yo mother
So if you wanna come motherf*cker then come
But I tell ya now, ya better bring ya gun


No way bitch, Schooly never switch
I'd rather put your punk ass straight in a ditch
Grab me a gat, come correct
Snap necks, for text
Straight from the Bible, you know that I'm libel
Moses told us slaves to be free
But he didn't know about the motherf*ckin D
So if you wanna come motherf*cker then come
But I tell ya brother, ya better bring ya gun


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