Schoolly D - Get 'N' Paid Lyrics

Schoolly D Lyrics

Get 'N' Paid Lyrics
You know we never, never, never step on stage
Don't care if the people in a hell of a rage
You can find our name in the Yellow Page
Schoolly-D, Code Money, man, you know we're gettin paid
Don't talk that shit about after the show
Cause after the show we pimp the hoe
Take the fly freak back to our room
Like Ralph Cramden said, with a big bang-zoom
We gettin paid

(Hit me)

You know gettin paid one thing I like
Pimp Pretty on my left, Code Money my right
Don't got my dough, we don't have to fight
But I tell you one thing, I won't touch the mic
I tell you now, sucker, gettin right to the point
Don't got my dough, we f*ckin up the joint
Dictionary describes gettin paid from work
So get my money straight, cause I ain't no jerk
We gettin paid

(Hit me)

Here's one thing I won't do in the 80s
Is get paid off little old ladies
On the street corner, man, snatchin a bag
And ain't sellin no booty cause I ain't no fag
You work a 9 to 5, man, tryin to get paid
While I'm home with your wife, you know I'm gettin laid
Sorry man, I didn't know
All I do is pimp a hoe after my show
We got pai

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