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From the Album 1. Killer in the Mirror 2. Hourglass 3. Lonely Dance 4. Different Songs 5. For You Forever 6. Dancing With the Devil 7. Go to Bed Angry 8. Midnight Thoughts 9. Criminal Minds 10. No Disrespect 11. Stitch Me Up 12. Raise No Fool 13. I Want You (Gone) 14. Unopened Windows 15. Happy All the Time

From the Album 1. The Haunting 2. N.M.E. 3. Forever Stuck In Our Youth 4. Why Worry 5. Ancient History 6. Bleak December 7. Duality 8. Wolf In Sheeps Clothing 9. Tomorrow 10. Bad Guy 11. Miss Mysterious

Other Songs @ Reply Admit It Alive Tonight As Good As It Gets Ashleys Song Biggest Fan Break It Up Breathe In Breathe Out Catch A Break Chase It! Cordial Criminal Minds Crutch Cut Off Dads Song Dancing With the Devil Dangerous Delirious Diamond Girl Different Songs Distance Disturbs Me Dream Catcher Empty Heart End In Tragedy Fake Ass Friends For You Forever Freak Show Go to Bed Angry Happy All the Time Heart Breaker 101 Horrible Kids Hot To The Touch Hourglass Houston Were Going Down Hush Hush Hypnotized I May Not Be Fred Flinstone But I Can Make Your Bed Rock I Promise I Think Its Arrogance I Want You (Gone) Id Rather Drown Ill Sleep When Im Dead Instigators Introduction To Outselling A Salesman Kill The Lights Killer in the Mirror Let You Go Life Afraid Look What Weve Become Loose Cannon Low Me W/O Us Midnight Thoughts Missing You Never Know Nightmare No Control No Disrespect Nobodys Born With A Broken Heart Oh Marjorie Pages and Paragraphs Partners in Crime Partners In Crime [Bonus Track] Peekaboo Plastic Promises Playing With Bad Luck Problem [Originally Performed by Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea] Projector Raise No Fool Shhh...Its A Secret! Skeleton Something New Stitch Me Up Swan Song Taste Of The Good Life Text Me Kelly The Grand Finale The Magic 8 The Miner Third Wheel This Christmas This Christmas (I'll Burn It to the Ground) Together Forever Tug of War Uncontainable Unopened Windows Upside Down Want Whos In Control Why Do I Why Not Me You Are Loved Your Girl
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Set It Off are an American pop-punk/symphonic rock band based in Tampa, Florida. They gained a following through vocalist Cody Carson's YouTube following on his channel rockmaniac89. -Wikipedia
Cody Carson - Vocals
(2008 - Present)

Dan Clermont - Guitar, backing vocals
(2008 - Present)

Zach DeWall - Guitar
(2008 - Present)

Austin Kerr - Bass
(2008 - Present)

Maxx Danziger - Drums
(2010 - Present)

From: Tampa, Florida
Genre(s): Pop punk, symphonic rock, alternative rock, orchestral pop, orchestral rock
Active From: 2008 - present
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