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Slightly Stoopid Lyrics

Other Songs 2am Above the Clouds Aint Got A Lot Of Money Alibis American Man Anti-Socialistic Anywhere I Go Baby I Like It Babylon Is Fallin Babylon Is Falling Bandolero Blood Of My Blood Call Me Crazy Cally-Man Castles Of Sand Chaunch Civil Oppression Civil Oppression Dub Closer To The Sun Collie Man Comb 4 My Dome Cool Down Couldnt Get High Devils Door Digital Dont Care Dont F*ckn Look Don't Fuck'n Look Dont Stop Drink Professionally Ese Loco Ever Really Wanted Everyday People Everything You Need False Rhythms Fat Spliffs F*ck The Police Fire Below Fire Shot Foreign Land Free Dub Girl U So Fine Hands Of Time Hey Stoopid Higher Now Hiphoppablues Hold on to the One I Couldn't Get High I Metal I Used To Love Her I Would Do For You If This World Were Mine If You Want It Im On Fire Im So Stoned Jedi Jimi Johnny Law Just A Buzz Just Thinking Killin Me Deep Inside Know You Rider Leaving On A Jet Plane Life Rolls On Living Dread Marijuana Mellow Mood Mind On Your Music Mona June Mr. Music New Day Nicos No Cocaine Nobody Knows Nothin Over Me Nothing Over Me Ocean Officer Older On And On One More Night Open Road Operation Opportunities Perfect Gentleman Perfect Gentlemen Pon Da Horizon Prophet Punk Rock Billy Questionable Rhythm Streets Righteous Man Rolling Stone Round The World Runnin With A Gun Running Away Running With A Gun See It No Other Way Sensimilla Serious Man Shoobie Sinking Stone Sinsemilla Ska Diddy Slightly Stoopid Smoke Rasta Smoke Rasta Dub Somebody Souled Stay the Same (Prayer for You) Stop Struggler Sun Is Shining Supernatural Sweet Honey The Gambler The Otherside The Prophet Thinkin Bout Cops This Joint Till It Gets Wet To A Party To Little To Late Too Late Too Little Too Late Top Of The World Underneath The Pressure Up On A Plane Ur Love Violence / FTP Violence / FTP Waiting Wake Up Hate Wake Up Late Way You Move We Dont Wanna Go Wicked Rebel Wiseman Work World Goes Round Your Love Zero Tolerance
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Slightly Stoopid is an American band based in Ocean Beach, San Diego, California, who describe their music as "a fusion of folk, rock, reggae and blues with hip-hop, funk, metal and punk." The band was originally signed by Bradley Nowell from Sublime to his label Skunk Records while still in high school. -Wikipedia
Miles Doughty - guitar, bass, vocals

Kyle McDonald - guitar, bass, vocals

Adam Bausch - drums (1994-2000)

Ryan Moran (RyMo) - drums

Oguer (OG) Ocon - congas, percussion, harp, vocals, juggalo

DeLa - saxophone

C-Money - trumpet

Paul Wolstencroft - keyboards

Karl Denson - saxophone

Andy Geib-horns (touring)

From: Ocean Beach, San Diego, California, U.S.
Genre(s): Psychedelic rock, reggae, punk rock, reggae rock, dub, blues, folk
Active From: 1995–present
Associated Acts: Sublime, Bob Weir, G. Love, Don Carlos
First of all, we have a drummer for the whole record. We used a lot of drum machines for EVERYTHING YOU NEED, and I think this record has more of an organic feel. We're evolving as musicians. You just mature as you play together for longer periods. We tried to bring it back to more of the acoustic feel. SKRATCH: CLOSER TO THE SUN is very experimental, as far as the musical aspect. Are there any challenges in making tracks when you bring in and incorporate new sounds and new ideas?

...we'll always be touring, because that's what we've been doing since we got out of high school. That's our livelihood right there. We will also be putting out records every time we get a chance, because we make music like we breathe air. It just doesn't stop.

We feel that there's nothing wrong with smoking the weed. Everywhere we go...We'll get on an airplane, and right before we walk through them doors, we'll sneak a little toke by the trash can, and we'll blow it out right before we walk through the doors. I mean, that's how much we just love our weed.

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