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Child Of The Promise Cast - Townspeople at the Temple Lyrics
After Mary returns home, Elizabeth
delivers her baby. When Elizabeth
and Zacharais take their son to the
Temple to have him circumcised and
officially name him, the townspeople
are excited to see this miracle child.

WOMAN #2: "Why are there so
many people here at the temple?"

MAN #2: "Zacharias and Elizabeth
are having their baby circumcised

WOMAN #4: "There's Elizabeth!"

WOMAN #1: "Elizabeth, what are
you going to name the child?"

MAN #1: "They're going to call him
Zacharais, of course."

MAN #1: "Yes. everyone knows a
child should be named after
his father."

WOMAN #3: "But Elizabeth said
they're going to name the
child John."

MAN #2: "John?"

WOMAN #4: "They're naming
him John?"

MAN #4: "But there's no one in
their family named John."

WOMAN #1: "Zacharais, tell us what
you want to call your son."

MAN #2: "Here, here give him
something to write on."

WOMAN #2: "Yes. Write the child's
name, Zacharias."

WOMAN #2: "It says, 'His name
shall be called John.'"

MAN #4: "John?"

WOMAN #3: "John?"

MAN #1: "They're calling
him John?"

MAN #3: "Shh! Listen! Zacharias
can speak again!"

WOMAN #4: "What? What did
he say?"

MAN #3: "He said, 'Praise be to
God for what he has done.'"

WOMAN #3: "Oh, Glory to God.
The hand of the Lord is surely
on him."

MAN #1: "Be quiet everyone.
Zacharias is going to speak a
blessing over the child."

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