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From the Album 1. Waiting On a Twist of Fate 2. Landmines 3. I Cant Wait 4. Time Wont Wait 5. Future Primative 6. Dopamine 7. I Could Use Some Help 8. Bad Mistake 9. Johnny Libertine 10. Radio Silence 11. Preparasi a Salire 12. Rise Up 13. Stranger In These Times 14. Dont Need Anyone 15. Over the Edge 16. House of Liars 17. You Wanted War 18. Paint It Black 19. Its All Me 20. How the End Begins

From the Album 1. A Murder Of Crows (You're All Dead To Me) 2. Goddamn Im Dead Again 3. Fake My Own Death 4. Breaking The Chain 5. There Will Be Blood 6. 13 Voices 7. War 8. God Save Us All (Death To POP) 9. The Fall And The Rise 10. Twisted By Design

Other Songs 45 (A Matter of Time) 88 99 Red Balloons A Death in the Family A Murder Of Crows All Messed Up All Shes Got Always Angels With Dirty Faces A.N.I.C. Another Thing Comin Another Time Around Astronaut Attitude Baby You Dont Wanna Know Back Where I Belong Best Of Me Billy Spleen Blood In My Eyes Catching Fire Catching Fire (Acoustic) Confusion And Frustration In Modern Times Count Your Last Blessings Crash Crazy Amanda Bunkface Daves Possessed Hair / Its What Were All About Daves Possessed Hair / Its What Were All About Daves Possessed Hair/Its What Were All About Dave's Possessed Hair/What We're All About Dear Father Eat You Alive Enter Sandman Exit Song Fat Lip Future Primitive Get Back God Save Us All Grab The Devil By The Horns and **** Him Up The *** Grab The Devil By The Horns And Fuck Him Up The Ass Grab The Devil By The Horns and **** Him Up The *** Grab The Devil By The Horns and **** Him Up The *** Handle This Happiness Machine Heads Will Roll Heads Will Roll (Acoustic) Heart Attack Hell Song Holy Image Of Lies Hooch How You Remind Me Hyper-Insomnia-Para-Condriod Hyper-Insomnia-Para-Condrioid I Don't Need Anyone Im Not The One In Too Deep Introduction To Destruction Jessica Kill Jessica Kills Killer Queen King Of Contradiction Look At Me Ma Poubelle Machine Gun Makes No Difference Makes No Differince March Of The Dogs Metallica Medley Morning Glory Moron Moron (Rock Against Bush vol. 1) Motivation Mr. Amsterdam My Direction Never There Never Wake Up No Apologies No Brains No Reason No Sleep Til Brooklyn Noots Not Quite Myself Nothing On My Back Open Your Eyes Out For Blood Over My Head Over My Head (Better Off Dead) Pain For Pleasure Paint It Black [The Rolling Stones Cover] Pieces Pull The Curtain Reason To Believe Reign In Pain Reign In Pain (Heavy Metal Jamboree) Rhythms Screaming Bloody Murder Scumf*ck Second Chance For Max Headroom Sick Of Everyone Skumfuk Slipping Away So Am I Still Waiting. So Long Goodbye Some Say Speak Of The Devil Still Waiting Subject To Change Summer T. H. T. Take A Look At Yourself Thanks For Nothing Thats Alright Mama The Bitter End The Hell Song The Jester The New Sensation The People Vs... Theres No Solution Things I Want This Is Goodbye THT Time For You To Go Turning Away Underclass Hero Unwritten Christmas Walk This Way Walking Disaster Welcome To Hell Were All To Blame Were The Same What Am I To Say What I Believe What I Did Wrong What Were All About With Me Wwvii Part Two WWVII Parts 1 and 2
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Deryck Whibley/Bizzy D (Lead Vocals, Guitar)
Jason McCaslin/Cone (Bass, Vocals)
Steve Jocz/Stevo 32/Stevo (Drums, Vocals)
Name Origin:
Band names comes from the fact the group was formed 41 days into the summer (July 31st) of 1996
Influences: NOFX, Beastie Boys
RIAA Certifications:
All Killer No Filler 06/19/01 (Label: Island) Gold Album
All Killer No Filler 08/22/01 (Label: Island) Platinum Album
Does This Look Infected? 01/30/03 (Label: Island) Gold Album
Chuck 06/02/05 (Label: Island) Gold Album

CRIA Certifications (Canada):
"All Killer No Filler" Triple Platinum Album (November 2004)
"Chuck" Double-Platinum Album (October 2005)
"Chuck" Platinum Album (November 2004)
"Sake Bombs And Happy Endings (Live In Tokyo)" Gold DVD (December 2003)
"But I think one of them took my sunglasses, because I didn't have them when I came home from that trip.”

"One of them swung through the trees so fast, you had no time to move. You suddenly realize there's a half-ton body charging right at us,”

"That kind of stuff really weighs heavily on your mind. And these kids really reminded that things can be fixed. They have to grow up, too,”

"So tell me what's right
'Cause I don't see the light"
- Out for Blood by Sum 41
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