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Tatsuya Kitani Lyrics

キタニタツヤ 歌詞

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Tatsuya Kitani (キタニタツヤ) is a Japanese singer-songwriter, lyricist, composer, and arranger. He is the bassist of the three-member band "sajou no hana".

He was also active as a Vocaloid producer under the name of "Konnichiwa Tanita-san" (Hello Tanita-san). The affiliated office is Smile Company, and the affiliated label is Mastersix Foundation in Sony Music Records. His official fan club is "Club Unreality".
Japanese Name: キタニタツヤ
Birth Name: February 28, 1996
Also Known As: Konnichiwa Tanita-san
Genre(s): J-Pop, alternative rock, funk, R&B, hip hop
Instrument(s): Vocals, guitar
Occupation(s): Singer-songwriter, lyricist, composer, arranger
Associated Acts: 2011-present
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