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Thievery Corporation Lyrics

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From the Album 1. Marching the Hate Machines (Into the Sun) 2. Warning Shots 3. Revolution Solution 4. The Cosmic Game 5. Satyam Shivam Sundaram 6. Amerimacka 7. Ambicion Eterna 8. Pela Janela 9. Sol Tapado 10. The Heart's a Lonely Hunter 11. Holographic Universe 12. Doors Of Perception 13. Wires And Watchtowers 14. The Supreme Illusion 15. The Time We Lost Our Way 16. A Gentle Dissolve

From the Album 1. Heaven’s Gonna Burn Your Eyes 2. Facing East 3. The Outernationalist 4. Interlude 5. Omid (Hope) 6. All That We Perceive 7. Un Simple Histoire (A Simple Story) 8. Meu Destino (My Destiny) 9. Exilio (Exile) 10. From Creation 11. The Richest Man in Babylon 12. Liberation Front 13. The State Of The Union 14. Until the Morning 15. Resolution

From the Album 1. Treasures 2. Le Monde 3. Indra 4. Lebanese Blonde 5. Focus On Sight 6. Air Batucada 7. Só com você 8. Samba Tranquille 9. Shadows of Ourselves 10. The Hong Kong Triad 11. Illumination 12. The Mirror Conspiracy 13. Tomorrow 14. Barrio Alto 15. A Guide for I and I

Other Songs 2001 Spliff Odyssey 33 Degree 38.45 38.45 (A Thievery Number) A Warning Air Batacuda Ambición Eterna Angels Assault On Babylon Ave Maria Bateau Rouge Beautiful Drug Beloved Better Must Come Blasting Through the City Boof N Baff N Biff Cada Beijo Closer To God Cuchy Frito Man Culture Of Fear Dance On Vaseline Décollage Defenceless Depth Of My Soul Desert Dirty Little Secret Do It the Hard Way El Pueblo Unido Encounter Bahia Exilio False Flag Dub Farsi Femme Parallel Firelight Forgotten People Fragments Free Habanos Days Hi-fi Hijack I Will Follow You In Love Incident At Gate 7 Is It Over? KC Doppler Khalgi Stomp La Femme Parallel La Force De Melodie Le Coeur Le Femme Parallel Lemon Tree Letter To The Editor Light Flares Light My Fire Manhã Manhã Marching The Hate Machines Menina Flor Meu Destino Meu Nego Meu Nêgo Nervous Breakthrough [Thievery Corporation Remix] Nothing To Lose Omid One Originality Overstand Para Sempre Polyesterday Porno 3003 Postales Radio Retaliation Revolution Solution (Thievery Corporation Remix) Savoir Faire Scene At The Open Air Market Sex Elevator Muzik Shaolin Satellite Shiva So Com Voce Sola in Citta Sound the Alarm Stargazer Strange Days Sweet Tides Take My Soul Tanara The Cosmic Gate The Foundation The Girls Insane The Glass Bead Game The Hearts Lonley Hunter The Numbers Game The Oscillator The State Of Union Thief Rockers This Is Not A Love Song This Strange Effect Tickertape Of The Unconscious Tower Seven Transcendence Transmission Central Un Simple Histoire Un simple historie (A Simple Story) Une Simple Histoire Universal Highness Vampires Web Of Deception Where It All Starts Who Needs Forever
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Thievery Corporation is an American electronic music duo consisting of Rob Garza (born March 28, 1970) and Eric Hilton.

Their musical style mixes elements of dub, acid jazz, reggae, Indian classical, Middle Eastern music, hip hop and Brazilian music, including bossa nova.
Rob Garza
Eric Hilton
From: Washington, D.C., U.S.
Genre(s): Downtempo, chill-out, dub, lounge, electronic, trip hop, Chill
Active From: 1995-present
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